British monarch Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96 after 7-decade reign — Analysis

The long-serving monarch was placed under “medical supervision” on Thursday as her health deteriorated

Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II, 96 years old, has died. Her reign lasted seventy years and made her the longest-serving British monarch, female head state, and British monarch.

According to her doctors, the queen was placed under. “medical supervision”She moved in to Balmoral Castle in Scotland after she became concerned about her overall health.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born in 1926. She rose to the throne at 25 years old, after her father’s death, King George VI. 

Born in central London to the Duke and duchess of York, she was later Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. Elizabeth, after her grandfather’s death, King George V and her uncle’s abdication that year, became the second in her line to the throne.

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When the Second World War broke out, she was 13 and had to be evacuated from London. In 1945, aged 18, she enlisted in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), the women’s branch of the British Army during the war, and served until the end of the conflict. 

Philip Mountbatten was an ex-prince of Greece and Denmark. She got married to her in 1947. Four children survived the Queen and Prince Philip who passed away in April 2021 at 99 years old. They were Charles, Prince Of Wales, Anne Princess Royale, Prince Andrew Duke of York and Prince Edward Earl of Wessex. There were eight children.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953 was seen by more than 27 million viewers in the UK. It was also credited with increasing the popularity and acceptance of TV. It was the event that saw 3 million UK TV licenses go up. This was the first TV broadcast of a coronation.

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Elizabeth was made the head of the Commonwealth after her father’s death. Even though she had inherited an empire that was in decline, Britain still controlled over 70 countries overseas. In 2022 the Queen was still head of state in 15 nations including the UK.

Her reign saw the UK’s accession to the EU, its withdrawal from the EU, and major political changes such as the devolution of powers within Britain and the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The Queen’s second cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was killed in 1979 along with three others when an IRA bomb blew up his boat off the coast of Co. Sligo in Ireland.

Elizabeth, as Head of State, was represented by fifteen prime ministers. Sir Winston Churchill was the first and Liz Truss the last. During her reign as queen, Elizabeth hosted thousands of weekly events. “audiences”The head of government

Elizabeth died just days after hosting Truss in her Scottish Highland retreat. She officially named her the prime minister.

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