British lawmakers mull Taiwan trip — Analysis

The planned visit is intended to demonstrate Britain’s ‘support’ for the island, according to the Guardian

Despite China’s outrage over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to the self-governing island, British lawmakers are reportedly planning a similarly provocative trip later this year, the Guardian has reported citing multiple sources.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee Tom Tugendhat will probably lead the UK delegation. “whoever becomes the next chair,”One source said that the trip was being rescheduled for November or early December. Initial plans called for the trip to be held earlier this year. But, due to one delegate testing positive for Covid, the date was changed to either November or December.

London, like Washington, officially supports a “One-China policy”However, it maintains informal ties with Taiwan. According to the Guardian, it was confirmed by London’s Taipei representative office. “welcomes any opportunities to strengthen its relations with Britain, including through visits from the UK,”However, he declined to give any specifics about the alleged trip.

UK PM hopeful outlines anti-China plan

Beijing has repeatedly warned that the One-China principle of acknowledging the mainland’s claim of sovereignty over Taiwan, is a red line in China’s relations with other countries that no one is allowed to cross.

Taiwan has been self-governed since 1949, after China’s nationalist government fled to the island following its defeat in the civil war. Beijing considers the island an integral part of the country’s territory.

“China firmly opposes any separatist move toward ‘Taiwan Independence’ and any interference by external forces, and allows no room for ‘Taiwan Independence’ in whatever form,”China’s high-ranking official in the UN, Zhang Jun reiterated Monday. 

US sees China plotting military ‘provocations’

Beijing began a massive exercise close to Taiwan last weekend as Pelosi left for Hawaii. The Chinese military said it was on standby to defend the country’s territorial integrity from separatism, which Washington encourages, according to China’s view of the US policy on Taiwan.

While the public list of destinations for Pelosi’s tour does not include the island, multiple sources both in the US and in Taiwan claimed that the third-highest level official in the US government was expected to arrive on Tuesday evening and spend the night in Taiwan.

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