Breast implants linked to rare forms of cancer  — Analysis

New research reveals that there are additional forms of this deadly disease among people who have had surgery.  

FDA has published a warning to the public that breast implant surgery can cause rare forms of cancer. 

The FDA published a Thursday report that found certain types of cancers, including squamous cells carcinoma (SCC), and lymphomas in scar tissue around breast implants.  

This agency points out that, while the incidence of breast cancer is uncommon, people who are considering having the surgery need to be educated about the dangers and notify the authorities if they find cancer.  

FDA further states that new lymphomas have been discovered only through postmarket evaluation of breast implants. These lymphomas do not match the previously reported anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.  

According to the agency, a preliminary examination of all published literature found that there were less than 20 cases SCC and 30 cases of lymphomas in scar tissue surrounding breast implants.  

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It’s noted that people with breast implants do not need to change their routine medical care or rush to remove their implants in light of this announcement, but they should be aware of some of the reported signs and symptoms, which include swelling, pain, lumps or changes in the skin.  

According to the FDA, it is not known what these new cancers will cause in terms of their incidence and risk factors. “this is an emerging issue and our understanding is evolving.”Implant users and healthcare professionals have been asked to inform the FDA about any SCC, lymphomas, or other types of cancers that may be found in the area.  

FDA released several changes to the regulations regarding breast implants last year. These included a new boxed warning label and patient checklist. The FDA reminds everyone that implants will not be a permanent medical device. Patients are now expected to be walked by doctors about the possible health consequences of breast implants surgery.

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