Brazil sought Russia’s help with nuclear-powered submarine – media — Analysis

A report claims that the South American country has turned to Moscow in response to US talks falling apart.

Brazil asked Russia for help in developing its first nuclear-powered submarine during President Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to Moscow last month, Folha de S.Paulo daily reported on Wednesday, citing a military source.

According to the paper, Brazil sought Washington’s help with certifying nuclear reactor fuel and “engineering issues,”But the talks ended in 2018.

According to reports, the South American nation then turned to Russia for help. According to reports, Bolsonaro asked Vladimir Putin his Russian counterpart for assistance with the submarine while he was in Moscow last month. It took place one week prior to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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Brazilian officials met with Russian state nuclear energy agency Rosatom, which already had deals on supplying fuel for the country’s only nuclear power plant, and the healthcare sector. Bolsonaro stated, however, that Brazil was interested in Russian technology when he returned home. “because of the propulsion of our submarine,”According to the paper.

Folha de S.Paulo cited Foreign Ministry sources as saying the future of the prospective deal is now uncertain due to Russia’s ongoing military campaign against Ukraine. Numerous countries have put stern sanctions on Moscow, including those from the USA, UK, Canada and EU members, in recent weeks.

Brazil’s first submarine powered by nuclear energy, the Alvaro Alberto was built late last year. Naval News reports that it will be launched by 2031.

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