Boris Johnson reveals downside of settling Ukraine conflict

According to the UK PM, any peaceful resolution of the conflict between Moscow & Kiev will only cause harm.

According to Downing Street, the West must continue to arm Ukraine, rather than seeking a peaceful solution to conflict between Kiev, Moscow. He said that any peaceful resolution to the conflict will only lead to international instability at Sunday’s meeting.

Ukraine’s military intervention is on the horizon “critical moment,”The leaders reached an agreement, however there are still differences. “an opportunity to turn the tide.”The statement claims that Macron and Johnson agreed to continue their support for Kiev militarily. “strengthen their hand in both the war and any future negotiations.”

The French leader was also advised by the prime minister not to seek alternative solutions for the resolution of the conflict.

He stressed that any effort to end the conflict right now would only lead to enduring instability, and Putin will have full access to manipulating both international markets and sovereign countries indefinitely.

Johnson took the same stance during a Sunday meeting with Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister. “Ukraine is on a knife-edge and we need to tip the balance of the war in their favor. That means providing Ukraine with the defensive capabilities, training and intelligence they need to repel the Russian advance,”A Downing Street statement read.

On Sunday, Johnson tweeted that Ukraine’s “security is our security, and their freedom is our freedom.”

Ahead of the summit, London pledged an additional £429 million ($525 million) in guarantees for World Bank loans in 2022 as a form of financial assistance to Kiev. According to Downing Street, the UK’s total financial support for Ukraine, including loan guarantees, amounted to £1.3 billion ($1.5 billion) and the combined UK economic and humanitarian support for Ukraine amounted to £1.5 billion ($1.8 billion) this year.

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Johnson has been one of Kiev’s most ardent supporters after Russia’s military operation in Ukraine began in late February. He visited Kiev two times since and has repeatedly demanded more weapons from Western countries. The UK is one of Kiev’s major arms suppliers, including heavy weaponry.

Johnson in June warned the West to be ready for war with Moscow and Kiev. Johnson said Saturday that he could consider quitting if Ukraine has to be left behind.



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