Boris Johnson quotes the Terminator in Parliament — Analysis

After boasting about his achievements, the outgoing UK PM rewrote a line from the movie classic.

Outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinted at a political comeback in the future before signing off his last Prime Minister’s Questions event with a “Hasta la vista, baby” – a famous line from the dystopian sci-fi film ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’, which translates roughly to “See you soon.”  

During the event, the scandal-plagued leader dropped further hints, boasting that his brief stint at the helm of the government had seen his “mission largely accomplished – for now.” 

Johnson had plenty of advice for his replacement, telling the candidate that prevails to “focus on the road ahead, but always remember to check the rearview mirror and remember above all it’s not Twitter that counts – it’s the people that sent us here.”   

Boris Johnson claims ‘deep state’ plot against Brexit

He also urged his successor to “Stay close to America, stand up for Ukraine, and fight for democracy all over the world” while suggesting the new PM “To make it the best place to invest and live, cut taxes.”  

Johnson boasted he had “It was instrumental in securing the largest Tory majority of 40 years. This also led to a major reorientation in UK politics,” claiming the party had “Transformed our democracy and returned our nation’s independence” in seeing Brexit through. He also took credit for “Help[ing]Help this country get through a pandemic.[ing]Help save another nation from barbarism.”   

The contest to replace Johnson as leader of the Conservative party has been whittled down to just two candidates: Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former chancellor Rishi Sunak, who was one of the first to quit Johnson’s administration earlier this month. Johnson had no other choice than to quit, and he was joined by Sajid Javid as Health Secretary.  

Boris Johnson takes revenge on Rishi Sunak – Times

Despite allegedly campaigning for “Rishi is the only one who can do it,” Johnson nevertheless appeared to support his former chancellor over a Labour government, mocking the rival party’s leader Keir Starmer as “a great pointless human bollard.” He also promised that whoever wins the race to become Conservative Party head will “Clean the floors” with Starmer like “Some household detergent.” 

Despite the hints the disgraced PM has dropped thus far about a potential return to politics, his press secretary poured cold water on such speculation on Wednesday, insisting the Terminator quote was “His way to say goodbye to his coworkers.”

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