Boris Johnson considers leaving politics – media — Analysis

Daily Telegraph reports that the former prime minister might be back to writing or delivering speeches.

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, may soon be forced out of office following a revolt by his party, according to the Daily Telegraph, which cited sources.

The outlet reports that Johnson is considering whether to stay in the House of Commons like Theresa May or to leave for the next election.

Following his resignation, the prime Minister may choose to resume writing and speaking at different events. It is an option that has proven profitable.

“He’s taking this weekend to think about it. I don’t think he’s decided yet,” said one of the Telegraph’s sources.

Johnson is an author of many books including one on the Roman Empire. However, Johnson has yet to send a manuscript about William Shakespeare’s life to Hodder and Stoughton (a UK publishing house).

The book was apparently supposed to be published as early as 2016 to coincide with the 400-year anniversary of the poet’s death, but the publisher agreed to put off the release date since Boris Johnson was appointed as foreign secretary at the time.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns as Tory leader

Given his potential loss of his salary as minister, it is believed that the money problem is very sensitive for Johnson. Moreover, according to various reports, Johnson has been plagued by financial woes, with the prime minister reportedly forced to seek donations to pay for his child’s nanny.

However, the scandal-ridden Prime Minister may find speeches a lucrative financial investment. “Like most of his predecessors, from Churchill to Blair, he’ll be in great demand outside his own country,” Jeremy Lee, the PM’s former agent, told the Telegraph. “In commercial terms, Johnson’s a global brand with a reputation for colorful speeches – I can see audiences from the US to Asia in the palm of his hand.”

After several scandals that have been in the news and many resignations, Boris Johnson has announced his intention to resign from the role of UK prime minister. Johnson will remain the head of government while a replacement party leader is selected.

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