Blinken to begin six-day Europe trip — Analysis

According to the US Department of State, Antony Blinken is set to travel to Europe as part of a series of consultations following the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The US Secretary of State will be visiting Belgium, Estonia, Moldova, Lithuania and Lithuania during his six-day visit from March 3-8.

The trip continues extensive consultations and coordination with our NATO Allies and European partners about the Russian Federation’s continued premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified war against Ukraine,” the official announcement on the Department of State website states.

The plans state that Secretary Blinken will start his journey by landing in Brussels, Belgium, to attend NATO Foreign Ministerial, G7 Ministerial, and additional meetings with EU counterparts in order to discuss Russia’s invasion.

On March 5, Blinken is to travel to Poland and meet the country’s leaders and discuss further security assistance and humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees. Following that meeting, Blinken will travel to Chisinau in order to discuss the US’ support of their country as well as further refugee assistance efforts.

The Secretary of State will meet in Vilnius on March 6, and then in Riga, Latvia, for consultations. He’ll end his visit in Tallinn where he will be meeting the Estonian President, Prime Minister, and Foreign Affairs minister. The parties in the Baltic countries will meet to discuss Ukraine and ways to improve NATO defenses. They’ll also talk about deeper economic and technological cooperation between the Baltic States and the US.

Russia launched its “special operation” in Ukraine last Thursday in order to “denazify” to demilitarize the state bordering it. Moscow said that this was the only means to secure the Donetsk/Lugansk regions. While Ukraine denies any intention to attack Donetsk or Lugansk in a large-scale offensive, it has condemned Moscow’s unprovoked war on the country.

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