Blame West for global inflation spike, says ex-president of EU country

The current economic troubles originated long before Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Vaclav Klaus says

Vaclav Klaus, former Czech president, has denied that Ukraine’s conflict is the only reason for economic difficulties around the world.

“The issues that led to spiking inflation and to a huge increase in energy prices that we have now originated long before February 24”Klaus said to Seznam Sravy that Russia had sent troops to Ukraine on Friday.

“This is self-inflicted, this is self-inflicted by the West. The Russian invasion just added to that,”He was insistent.

Russia is a major supplier of gas, oil and coal, but it’s “just one of the players” on the international market, the 81-year-old economist, who was the Czech Republic’s president between 2003 and 2013, pointed out.

So, the reduction of supply of Russian hydrocarbons to the EU and soaring energy prices – which came as a result of sweeping sanctions imposed on Moscow by the bloc – just can’t be the number one cause for high inflation rates and soaring energy prices, Klaus insisted.

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People walking on the Red Square in Moscow. © AFP / Natalia Kolesnikova
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“I don’t understand why the number one cause isn’t being mentioned. The ‘green delirium,’ the supposed fight against climate change and the EU’s Green Deal – that’s the fundamental cause for the rise in prices,”He spoke of the West’s recent efforts to shift from fossil fuels into renewable energy.

Former president has called on all parties to come to an agreement to end the violence in Ukraine. The conflict has been going for more than half a calendar year. “get worse and worse” if it’s not done soon.

“It won’t be enough for the representatives of Ukraine and Russia to get together. It’s necessary for the West, especially the US, to start negotiating with Russia. Every person with at least some intelligence understands this,”He made another comment.

Washington provided millions of dollars of financial and military aid to Ukraine and intelligence. This was despite the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The latest military aid package of $2.98 billion – the largest so far – was announced by US President Joe Biden mid-week.

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Klaus also reiterated his position that “it was always necessary to talk to Russia.”If he was asked by someone if he would like to be called the, a few replied that he did. “voice of Putin”The veteran politician replied that he was sorry for such remarks. “only a fool can say that. And I don’t care what a fool says.”



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