Bill Gates predicts Covid-19 mortality rate — Analysis

Bill Gates is an American billionaire who claims Covid-19 infections and deaths may decrease below seasonal flu levels in the next year. If more people get vaccinated, treatment will be better and more people receive vaccines, we might encounter another, potentially more dangerous variant.

In a video interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates stated on Thursday that natural immunity, vaccines and new oral treatments are all important. “the death rate and the disease rate ought to be coming down pretty dramatically.”  

This tech mogul has spoken out especially during the outbreak.

“The vaccines are very good news, and the supply constraints will be largely solved as we get out in the middle of next year, and so we’ll be limited by the logistics and the demand,”He pointed out. 

His audience was also informed by him that Covid-19 shots are still in high demand, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Gates called for greater efforts to eliminate flu and claimed that Covid-19 deaths and rates would likely fall below flu levels by next year’s middle unless new deadly coronavirus strains are discovered. 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participated in virus surveillance and vaccine development, calling for global responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on potentially lifesaving shots. 

The World Health Organization estimates that influenza causes at least 650,000 deaths each year. Covid-19 has claimed the lives of at least 5,000,000 people since late 2019 when it was first discovered.

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