Biden’s new press secretary claimed elections were ‘stolen’ — Analysis

Twitter posts surface in which White House spokeswoman pushed to overturn Trump’s win, said her preferred candidates were robbed

Jen Psaki was the White House press secretary and spent part of her last work day explaining to her successor. Jen’s history of making claims that elections were stolen could seem odd given an administration which has condemned the questioning about voting results. “threat to democracy.”

It all started this week with old Twitter messages in which Karine Jean-Pierre, the incoming press secretary, claimed that 2016’s presidential election was invalid and 2018 Georgia’s gubernatorial elections were fraudulent. “stolen”By the Republican victors. A hashtag was also used by her “#unprecedented” in reference to President-elect Donald Trump in 2016, and she promoted efforts to block certification of Trump’s victory by denying him the electoral votes that he won.

Psaki and President Joe Biden have called repeatedly the challenge of electoral results “against their will”. “threat to democracy.” And the election-fraud protest that escalated into a violent riot at the US Capitol in January 2021 – seeking to block certification of Biden’s victory – was “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,”The president.

But when confronted about Jean-Pierre’s tweets, Psaki gave her successor a pass. Jean-Pierre “has affirmed that Donald Trump won in 2016,”Psaki spoke to Mediaite Friday. “Like so many of us, Karine was concerned about the US intelligence community’s unanimous finding that Russia intervened to help Trump. But he won.”

As for Jean-Pierre’s claim that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stole his victory in 2018, Psaki said, “We all agree the 2018 election in Georgia is settled. And we’re also all concerned about voter suppression issues, including the President. Kemp won and she sees that tweet as having oversimplified the problem.”

Biden’s spokeswoman to quit next week

Psaki also defended Jean-Pierre’s 2020 attack on Fox News, in which the veteran Democrat activist accused Fox News of being “racist” – a comment that called into question whether she can deal with the White House press corps fairly. “This is a years-old clip of Karine, referring to an opinion host – not a reporter – when she was not in government and not speaking on behalf of the president,”Psaki spoke.

Then again, Psaki also defended Biden himself after the president suggested earlier this year that the midterm elections – which many expect to go poorly for Democrats – “easily could be illegitimate.” The press secretary turned less condemning of election skepticism, saying of Biden’s comment, “Well, voters should be eyes-wide-open and clear-eyed, and this is what the president was getting at the other night, that people are trying to make it harder for them to vote.”

At least as recently as June 2019, Jean-Pierre was still impugning Trump’s 2020 victory, promoting a claim that the Republican “didn’t actually win the election”Was “put into office because the Russians interfered.”This claim was made more than two years after Robert Mueller’s exhaustive report, which found no evidence that Russia and Trump conspired. Before that, she used the hashtag repeatedly. “#MuellerTime,”Alluding also to the shocking findings Trump critics expected of the special counsel.

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