Biden’s approval rating falls even further — Analysis

29% of voters approve of US president’s performance, Civiqs daily tracking survey has shown

US President Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped below the 30%-mark to its lowest figure yet, according to new polling results published on Saturday.

Civiqs is an online survey and analytics company that conducts daily tracking surveys. It has found that 29% (of US registered voters) approve of Joe Biden’s handling of his job. Only 58% are disapproving and 13% are still uncertain.

The poll has also found that more than a half of Americans in all age brackets as well as education- and gender-based groups largely disapprove of Biden’s performance. At the same time, whereas 66% of white Americans are not supportive of the incumbent, he remains popular with the black or African-American population, with 55% within this grouping saying they approve of Biden’s actions.

The US president is not popular in all fifty states. Notable exceptions include Hawaii and Vermont. Biden’s home state of Delaware also takes a dim view of his work, with 54% there disapproving of his performance.

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Besides African-Americans, another group that appreciates Biden’s efforts is his fellow Democrats, with 63% approving. Contrary to this, a majority (97%) of Republicans gave Biden the thumbs-down.

These new numbers are based on a Harvard CAPS Harris poll that was conducted in June and found only 29% support Joe Biden’s reelection bid. His overall approval rating stood at 38%, according to the survey.

Americans are worried about rising inflation, record gasoline prices, and the looming recession, which is leading to a drop in support for Trump. Civiqs also surveyed Americans after a volatile week, in which seven were killed by a mass shooting on July 4.

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