Biden leading US to ‘world war’ – Trump — Analysis

Former president says that Ukraine’s conflict wouldn’t have occurred under his supervision

Donald Trump, former US President, said Monday to Newsmax that President Joe Biden had eviscerated America’s national economy and pulled the country towards a new direction. “world war”Ukraine

Trump stated, “He added that he “doesn’t know of anything”That would prevent him from running again for office in 2024.

“Our country is in a lot of trouble,”Trump said this to Eric Bolling of Newsmax. “Our country has never been like this.” 

With Russia and Ukraine, we are at serious risk. Their handling of it is threatening to lead to world war. Their actions are crazy. It’s crazy.

Former president insists that even he is still in power, “the Ukraine war would have never happened – Russia going into Ukraine – would have never ever happened.”

Trump refused to explain what he would do to stop the conflict. He only said that America was. “respected”His administration claimed that he would have also been able to do this. “had a deal done”Instead of the stagnated negotiations now, we will be negotiating with Iran about its nuclear ambitions in less than a week after his election.

Trump’s position on Ukraine has shifted since Russia launched its military operation there in late February. Fox News reported that Trump had stated to Fox News on March 3rd that he was sending nuclear-armed submarines. “coasting back and forth, up and down [Russia’s] coast,”He called for a negotiated settlement of the conflict in April, declaring that it “doesn’t make sense that Russia and Ukraine aren’t sitting down and working out some kind of an agreement.”

Trump has since attacked Biden for sending billions in military aid to Kiev. He stated that this would help to stoke the conflict. “lead to World War III.”

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Trump designated millions to Ukraine in his term of office. However, he reportedly had to be convinced to do so by his aides, and was concerned about Ukraine’s ability “to pay us back.” Trump was also impeached in 2020 for temporarily withholding $391 million in military aid as he pushed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to clamp down on corruption in his country – including the allegedly corrupt business dealings of the Biden family in Ukraine.

Trump’s interview with Bolling largely focused on the dire state of the US economy, wracked by a 40-year-high inflation rate and record gas prices. The former president blamed rising fuel costs on Biden’s crackdown on domestic energy production and the administration’s focus on green energy.

“We have liquid gold right under our feet, and we were taking it like never before, and now we’re begging other countries to give it to us,” Trump said, referring to Biden’s day-one decision to ban drilling on federal land. But they go green and that is not enough. It can’t fire up our plants, not even close.”

Bolling inquired about Trump’s widely held belief that he would run for president again in 2024. “I don’t know anything”That would prevent me from competing. “I love our country, I’ll do what’s right for our country,”He concluded.

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