Biden labels Nicaragua’s election a ‘pantomime,’ vows to hold Ortega’s govt accountable — RT World News

Nicaragua’s “sham elections,” in which longtime President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, are expected to claim victory, were “neither free nor fair,” US President Joe Biden has said.

On Sunday, the Central American nation of 6.5 million voters went to the polls. The socialist leader Ortega (75 years old) was looking for his fifth consecutive five-year term.

Nicaraguan leadership “orchestrated… a pantomime election that was neither free nor fair, and most certainly not democratic,”Biden spoke late on Sunday in a statement.

Ortega-Murillo crackdown against political opponents “rigged the outcome well before election day,”The US President insisted.

Since May, around 40 people from the opposition have been held, with seven possible presidential candidates. Independent media are also being detained. “shuttered”The statement states that the number of people living in this country is approximately 57,666.

Nicaraguan police claim that the people arrested are “traitors,”A variety of wrongdoings were accused, including conspiring against national integrity and calling for sanctions or foreign intervention in the country. Financial crimes include money laundering.

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A new target has been added to the US’s regime-change watch list. This target has existed before

Murillo, Ortega and Ortega used to rule the country. “autocrats, no different from the Somoza family that Ortega and the Sandinistas fought four decades ago,” Biden said.

After four decades of power, the Somoza family enjoyed the support of the USA before Ortega and his associates overthrew them in 1979.

The US president has called on the Nicaraguan government to “take immediate steps to restore democracy” and release those detained.

Washington and allies of Washington will “use all diplomatic and economic tools at our disposal to support the people of Nicaragua and hold accountable the Ortega-Murillo government and those that facilitate its abuses,”He was very clear.

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US sanctions Nicaraguan President Ortega’s daughter and three others amid ‘country’s descent into tyranny’

In June, the US had already sanctioned several Nicaraguan officials, including Ortega’s daughter, for being part of a system that “undermined democracy, abused human rights and enacted repressive laws.” Those on the blacklist had their assets in the US frozen and barred from doing business with American citizens.

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