Biden is running in 2024 – White House — Analysis

Despite declining polls and Democratic defectors, the 79 year old is expected to stand for reelection

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated Friday that President Joe Biden plans to run in the 2024 election. Biden currently faces declining support among Democrats voters while others in the party withhold their endorsement.

“The president intends to run in 2024 [and] we are a ways away from 2024,”Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters. “We are going to continue to focus on doing the business of the American people, by delivering for families, by lowering costs for families, as we have been.”

Biden has seen food and energy prices rise dramatically under his leadership, but Thursday’s GDP data shows that the US is in recession. Despite Biden’s insistence that the US is “on the right path,” a poll by Civiqs earlier this month put approval of Biden’s performance at 29%, while an average of five other leading surveys shows the president’s approval rating at 39%. Biden’s handling of the US economic situation is almost always at the bottom in multiple polls.

Ex-White House doctor makes Biden prediction

A CNN poll released earlier this week revealed that 75% of Democrats want a new face to lead the party into 2024, despite the grim economic outlook. 

Apparently, Democratic legislators have noticed. On Thursday, a Massachusetts Rep. Dean Phillips stated in a radio interview that he wanted Biden’s resignation in 2024 so the country can be “investigated.” “well served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats.”

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a critical swing vote who has obstructed some of Biden’s core legislation in the Senate, said on Thursday that while Biden is “a good person with a good heart,”He would “wait and see”Prior to backing him for 2024.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also refused to support Biden’s reelection, telling CNN last month that “if the President has a vision, then that’s something certainly we’re all willing to entertain and examine when the time comes.”

Biden faces the reality of age, in addition to his declining poll numbers. Republicans long mocked Biden’s apparent cognitive decline and have exacerbated his declining poll numbers. inability to speakYou can even use a teleprompter with the visible disorientationPublic. Biden, who will turn 81 in 2024, is 53% older than the average American, according to a Harvard poll. “doubts about [Biden’s mental] fitness for office,”While 62% think he’s real, “showing he is too old to be President.”

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