Biden bans ‘ghost guns’ — Analysis

US President Joe Biden announced that there will be a complete ban on both the production and sale “ghost guns,”Homemade firearms without serial numbers make it difficult for law enforcement to trace when they are used in a criminal offense. Officially, President Obama announced Monday that the rule would make it illegal to produce firearms without serial numbers.

The rule specifically classifies “so-called” “buy build shoot” kits – do-it-yourself packages that can be purchased without a background check and constructed at home – as “firearms”Gun Control Act requires that sellers and makers of these kits must have licenses. They also need to undergo background checks prior to selling. A new rule also requires that sellers keep track of buyers for as long they remain in business.

The restrictions are part of the Justice Department’s National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative, launched in February to prosecute those who use ghost guns in the commission of crimes. This project also seeks to improve gun control legislation. It aims at stopping the sale unrestricted of 3D printed weapons. Plans for these guns are frequently shared online.

Biden administration sues over gun law

The president stressed he wasn’t done tightening gun control restrictions, insisting he wanted to ban “assault weapons”Background checks are required for gun sales. He called for additional funds to support law enforcement. 

Biden announced on Monday that he was being appointed to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Steve Dettelbach would become the first permanent head of the agency, and he will need to be confirmed by Senate. Formerly, he was US Attorney for Northern District of Ohio.

According to senior ATF officials, the ATF had had difficulty tracing ghost weapons under the existing legislation. They revealed this during a Sunday press conference that less than 1% had been traced during investigations of 45,000 guns since December 2016. Only 700 weapons from that group were involved in attempted or actual homicides.

US states join Mexico in lawsuit against American gun manufacturers

National Rifle Administration attacked the Biden government for not focusing on guns and the criminals who used them. They argued that, if the Justice Department wanted to curb violent crime, they would eliminate controversial bail reforms in major metropolitan areas. These practices have led to crimes being released on the streets again after law enforcement apprehended them.

Senator John Barrasse (Republican from Wyoming) agreed, calling it an “anonymous strategy”. “unconstitutional, backdoor gun grab”Biden’s administration must be demanded “stop defunding the police and start prosecuting criminals.”Biden is trying to be more open to the extremists in his party, who became well-known for calling to violence. “defund the police”The subsequent rise in Black Lives Matter was triggered by the unfortunate death of George Floyd (a Minneapolis man) at the feet of a Minneapolis police officer.

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