Biden asks Senate to ratify Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids — Analysis

The Nordic countries meet all the requirements and “will be net contributors to the Alliance,” the US president says

On Monday, Joe Biden (US President) submitted to the Senate the protocol on ascension for Sweden and Finland to NATO. Biden asked that lawmakers speed up the ratification process.

President Obama sent a letter to senators saying that both Nordic countries have met the criteria to be part of the alliance. Sweden and Finland “Net contributors will the Alliance in terms of both capability and resources. They also share critical values with America,” he argued, adding that their membership will help further Washington’s priorities within NATO.

Biden called on senators to ratify Sweden and Finland’s membership bids as soon as possible. “I request the Senate to continue to collaborate with my Administration to advance a strong, free Europe through its prompt advice.,” he wrote. “In light of current global issues, we urge all Allies not to delay their own ratifications..”

More NATO members ratify Finland and Sweden – media

The Ukraine conflict was the catalyst for Sweden and Finland’s formal applications to NATO. They broke away from decades-old traditions of neutrality. Although most of the members supported the applications, Turkey blocked them. President Recep Tayyip Erdan accused Sweden and Finland, accusing them of supporting terrorism and Kurdish militants.

Ankara later withdrew its objections after Sweden and Finland promised to respond to Turkey’s extradition requests, remove export controls, and end support for groups that Ankara views as terrorist.

NATO member nations signed the Ascension Protocols in July. They are expected to be ratified soon by legislators from all countries that make up the alliance.



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