Biden announces future climate orders — Analysis

Although he did not declare a national emergency yet, Biden plans to bypass Congress in order to promote his green agenda.

The President Joe Biden stated Wednesday that his Administration would be taking executive action against the climate. “emergency”In the weeks ahead. Initial rumors suggested that the President would declare a National Emergency over this issue. However, he did not take such a drastic action.

Biden stated that while speaking at the Massachusetts shuttered coal power station, he believed it was a sign of hope. “since Congress is not acting as it should,”His would be his. “executive powers to combat the climate crisis in the absence of executive action.”

Biden stated that he will sign executive orders within the next few days in order to finance flood defense programs and give money to low income families for heating. He also said that massive offshore wind farms would be established in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Biden’s decision to rule by decree on climate issues came after West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat, told party leadership last week that he would not support a raft of climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act, a $2 trillion funding bill that cannot pass an evenly-split Senate without his support. Manchin claimed that such a large spending bill would not be approved by the Senate. “add fuel to the inflation fire.”

On Tuesday, media reported that Biden might declare a national crisis to increase his ability to determine climate policy. But the White House stated later that it would not.

No matter how sweeping their scope, Biden’s orders could be stricken down the moment a Republican takes office. However, with the Senate deadlocked, Biden’s executive powers have been his only means of addressing climate issues during his time in office thus far.

The US economy has been severely affected by these orders. Biden’s first week at power saw a flurry of executive orders. They canceled Keystone XL, signed the US up to the Paris climate accord, and stopped any new oil or gas drilling permits being issued on federal land. Republicans have blamed the US’ record high gas prices on these decrees, but Biden has shown no indication that he plans on reversing the orders, instead blaming rising energy costs on Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Putin accused Biden, and other Western leaders, of destabilizing their energy supply via sanctions against Russia and embrace of “non-traditional types of energy.”An attempt is made to assert that Moscow caused the rise in fuel costs. “shift the blame for their own mistakes”On Tuesday, he declared that Russia is his priority.

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