Biden admin’s ratings crater but VP’s are even lower – poll — Analysis

Kamala Harris boasts a record low approval rating as over half ‘strongly disapprove’ of her performance

A poll released Friday by Trafalgar Group found that Americans think Kamala Harris is a less popular Vice President than ever. Just 28% of respondents approve of the VP, while 57% of those polled said they ‘strongly disapprove’ of how she is handling her job. 

US President Joe Biden is languishing at the low end of the approval scale as well, with fully half the population revealing they ‘strongly disapprove’ of his performance. 

The intensity with which poll respondents reacted to the politicians was striking. Just 5.4% merely ‘disapprove’ of Biden, while almost 10 times that registered their disapproval ‘strongly’. Similarly, just 5.5% of respondents ‘disapprove’ of Harris – a 10th of the number who strongly disapprove.

Fewer than two in five respondents approve of Biden’s performance, with 20.2% reporting they ‘strongly approve’. Harris’ numbers were even more dismal, with just 28.5% approving, 14.8% of those strongly.

Not even the party faithful could save Harris’ tanking poll numbers – just 51.5% of Democrats approved of her performance, while 23.5% of independents and just 13.5% of Republicans felt the same way.

Like her boss, Harris’ poll numbers have been sliding downward for months now. Harris’ poll numbers had fallen for months, with more people disapproving (42%) and more approving (37%) by November. These figures remained relatively stable through February.

Despite the usual approval boost presidents receive in times of conflict, the Biden administration’s ratings are plunging in spite of its standoff with Russia over Ukraine. Many Americans have soured on the administration due to soaring inflation and skyrocketing gas prices, despite Biden’s efforts to blame the country’s financial woes on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden releases number of illegal immigrants

Harris, meanwhile, has been accused by critics of having largely failed to deliver on her assigned tasks within the administration – such as bringing the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border under control. A recent court filing found that 756,109 illegal aliens had been caught and released by the US authorities since the administration took office in January 2021 – a number that doesn’t even include the migrants who managed to sneak into the country without being caught.

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