Tired of the Same Old Fitness Programs? BFrank Coaching Reveals What it Means to Really Get Healthy

If you’ve ever been on the quest to make a healthy lifestyle change, you know that there’s no shortage of fitness programs and diet plans out there. Just one Google search for “weight loss plan” yields thousands and thousands of meal plans, fitness programs, supplement brands – not to mention loads and loads of information about things you should probably be doing.

And yet, so many people still find themselves struggling on the quest to make healthy, long-lasting changes and learn how to live a better lifestyle. In fact, so many people end up feeling frustrated by the plethora of conflicting advice and by their own plateauing progress that it often leaves them feeling like they’re constantly “starting over” rather than making any real progress. 

So if you’re tired of get-fit-quick training programs that only help you inside of the gym, but don’t address the real-life challenges that come with getting healthy, you’re in luck.

Enter: BFrank Coaching.

BFrank Coaching, a program run by coach and certified nutritionist Bri Franklin, offers a breath of fresh air for those who are sick and tired of yo-yoing, diet industry failures, and false promises. Rather than focusing on temporary fixes, Bri aims to educate and empower you to make real, sustainable changes that start from the inside out – something we could all use a little more of.

BFrank Coaching

BFrank Coaching is a diverse coaching program that looks to address some of the biggest challenges that come with getting fit, like changing your diet and your exercise. But unlike other coaching programs, Bri’s program dives deep in a bid to help you understand what it is you’re doing, why it works, and how to apply your newfound knowledge to your own life. 

Coach Bri Franklin puts the emphasis on integrated health, and her coaching methods may change how you think about “wellness” completely. 

Whether you choose the guided small group coaching, work 1-on-1 with Bri herself, or go for the self-led program, BFrank Coaching will teach you how to make real, sustainable changes that are specific to your own needs.

What Makes BFrank Coaching Stand Apart

BFrank Coaching is a woman-owned business, run by a coach who really knows her stuff when it comes to healthy living.

Even better, the aim of BFrank isn’t to keep you as a lifelong client who has to keep coming back and starting over when life starts throwing its challenges your way (as is the case with so many other diet industry companies!). Instead, the goal is to give you all the tools that you need so that, by the end of your program, you’re equipped with a personalized formula that can be used for the rest of your life.

Meet The Coach: Bri Franklin 

BFrank Coaching’s founder, Bri Franklin, knows all too well that there’s so much more to getting fit than hitting the gym and having a meal plan.

As an ISSN certified nutritionist, a Precision Nutrition coach, and an athlete herself, Bri saw firsthand how so many people were often left feeling frustrated and stagnant in their fitness journey. Even if they were giving it their all in the gym, there were still so many other factors going on outside the gym that were preventing them from reaching their health and wellness goals.

So she decided to create BFrank Coaching to bridge that gap.

A passionate advocate for holistic health and intuitive wellness, Bri’s coaching program addresses a lot of the pain points that make so many people quit their fitness journey with other programs. Rather than focusing on the 3% of the time that you’re spending in the gym, Bri’s coaching is more interested in the remaining 97%: the time you spend making decisions, weighing options, and fighting against old habits while trying to establish new ones.

As a coach, Bri is straightforward and non-judgemental. Rather than using intensity or stress to shame you into making superficial changes, Bri takes a healthy approach so that you have guidance to make your fitness journey work for you (and for the rest of your life).

The Programs

This female-owned-and-operated coaching program goes far beyond the “basics” of healthy living. After all, anyone can find a workout program or sign up for a meal prep service, but not every service is going to actually make a real, long-term difference.

Signing on to a BFrank Coaching program means disrupting the endless cycle of short-term, superficial fitness programs that may temporarily help you lose weight or gain muscle but often leave you worse off than where you were before.

With real education at the forefront and support all the way, BFrank Coaching gives you all the tools that you need to make sustainable changes that make a real difference in your health and fitness.

The “secret sauce” of BFrank Coaching really is in its individualized, formulaic approach. Getting healthy isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor, so every aspect of Bri’s coaching aims to empower you as an individual to create a sustainable formula for overcoming challenges and integrating real, meaningful changes into your own life.

What BFrank Coaching Offers

BFrank Coaching offers three different coaching options, perfect for people in every stage of their fitness journey:

  1. 1-on-1

If you’re looking for dedicated guidance, steadfast accountability, and a health professional who can give you key insights into how you can make your goals a reality, 1-on-1 coaching with Bri is a fantastic option for you.

To gain Bri as a coach, a health professional, and a mentor, you can hop onto her website and book an initial call to determine your individual needs and discuss how you can best work with each other. From there, you’ll work closely with her to create the most effective formula for your life to making real healthy changes that stick.

  1. Small-Group

If a supportive group setting is more your speed, consider BFrank Coaching’s Small Group program. This six-month-long coaching program will educate you on what you really need to know about getting healthy, then find ways to make that formula work for you.

In your group coaching program, you’ll follow an online curriculum based on Bri’s Fundamental Health Formula. These learning modules will give you a straightforward, factual education on every aspect of your health. So not only will you learn about nutrition and exercise, but you’ll also learn more about your sleep, stress, gut health, hormones, maintenance, recovery – all the components that affect your life and longevity!

Even more importantly, you’ll then learn how to make that formula work for you as an individual, so that you have an easy-to-follow guide that can help you for the rest of your life.

In addition to the online learning modules, you can also participate in monthly Zoom calls, receive unlimited community support from other participants, and have access to helpful resources that will help you turn that newfound knowledge into a lifestyle.

  1. Self-Guided Formula

BFrank Coaching also offers a self-guided option – the perfect tool for independent knowledge-seekers who need structure and guidance on how to make their goals a reality but don’t necessarily need to hire a coach in order to get things done.

In this self-guided program, you’ll have access to an automated program that teaches you the necessary fundamentals of healthy living, then shows you how to implement them in your own life. This is also a more cost-effective option for someone who wants information but doesn’t mind a more hands-free approach.

So there’s an option for everyone, which opens up Bri’s effective coaching methods for people with different learning styles and different needs!

Besides the three different coaching options, BFrank Coaching also offers a plethora of other resources for health and wellness education. For example, her blog is a valuable resource in which you can learn more about various health topics including nutrition, fitness, stress, and mindset.

You can also buy Bri’s eBook, 4 Essential Life Systems, to gain even more insight on how you can further empower your journey to better health and a happier life.


BFrank Coaching is a world apart from the same old exercise and diet plans – and in a diet-driven society where we’re constantly thinking about health but rarely receiving the right guidance to really make a change, it’s exactly what so many of us need.

Bri’s holistic health programs do so much more than running you through your major food groups or showing you what exercises you need to do. Instead, they get down to the root of your problems, give you real information on how your mind and body are working together to keep you alive and well, and teach you the formula to making changes that are specific to you and your needs.

So if you’ve been feeling hopeless about wading through all the different programs and info out there, check out BFrank Coaching to find out exactly what your own health and fitness journey has been missing!


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