Best Bagel Shops in Berkeley California

Best Bagel Shops in Berkeley California

When a person is looking for a good bagel, they should go to a well respected shop. It is important to start the day off right. Jonathan Osler knows all about bagels and where the best places are to purchase them. According to Jonathan Osler these are the best bagel shops in Berkeley, California.

Rick and Ann’s Restaurant Catering and Market

This is a highly recommended place to get some fresh bagels. They make them from scratch and they are made fresh daily. The bagels have some traditional flavors and toppings, but they are done right. The bagels can be purchased for those on the go too and a person will know that they have the best breakfast.

Berkeley’s Bagel

This is one of the classic bagel places and is the neighborhood bagel store. It has some classic New York style bagels that everyone has come to know and expect. The bagels are said to be delicious. They can be topped with classics such as cream cheese, or they can be made into a sandwich.

Beauty’s Bagel Shop

If a person is looking to turn a bagel into a meal then this is the right place for them. There are bagel sandwiches for both lunch and breakfast depending on what a person is looking for. If some is looking for a meal out of a bagel then this is the place to be.

Saul’s Restaurant and Deli

This is the place to get some great deli classics including a bagel. Each morning the bagels are made. They can be purchased plain to go or they can be made into a meal. Either way they are fresh. There are even bagels that are used in place of buns so that a person can enjoy a good dinner with the bagel.

Bagel Street Café

This place is known for their bagel sandwiches. They can be breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon or they can be part of a deli sandwich. Customers of this shop like the fresh taste. They like that no matter what time of day they go in they can always get a fresh bagel.

Well Grounded Tea and Coffee Bar

This bar is known for some great coffee. There are many types of flavors and it is said to be a local treat. To go with the coffee are fresh bagels. All of the bagels are made daily so they are soft and they are ready for the customers to come. This is a place that is known by the locals and it is the place that the locals stop to eat.

Black Diamond Café

This is a great place to stop for lunch. The bagels are made into sandwiches. All of the bagels are made fresh. The toppings for the sandwich are also fresh making this a great meal for everyone to enjoy. These are some of the best bagel places in all of Berkeley, according to Jonathan Osler. When a person is looking for a tasty bagel, they will not be disappointed by going to any of these places.


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