Beijing says it ‘firmly opposes’ US-Taiwan military contact, after Taipei admits presence of US troops — RT World News

Beijing has warned the US against military contact with Taipei and “interference in China’s internal affairs,” after the island’s leader confirmed that a small number of US troops are stationed in Taiwan.

“We firmly oppose any form of official exchanges and military contacts between the United States and Taiwan, oppose US interference in China’s internal affairs, and attempts to provoke and stir up trouble,”Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry saidDuring a Thursday press conference.

He also warned the US against underestimating China’s readiness to defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity, noting that “the One China principle is the political foundation of China-US relations.”

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Taiwanese leader has ‘faith’ US will defend them from China, says some American troops are on island

Wang spoke after TsaiIng-wen, Taiwan’s first president in many decades, confirmed that American troops had been training its armed forces. According to CNN, on Wednesday she stated that Taipei has been renamed. “a wide range of cooperation with the US,” with the aim of increasing the island’s defense capabilities. Tsai feels that in the event of an attack from mainland China the US would aid Taiwan. “given the long-term relationship we have with the US.”

The US is one of Taipei’s key allies and its main supplier of military equipment via billions of dollars’ worth of defense contacts. Recently, it has sent unofficial diplomatic delegations and maneuvered ships through Taiwan Strait. Beijing views Taiwan as an integral piece of its territory, and this has upset Beijing. China has responded by sending military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, and held massive-scale drills in the southern part of Fujian province, which is located directly across the Strait from the island.

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