Bats not to blame for Covid-19 – study

Israeli researchers assert that they have been wrongly accused by being virus reservoirs.

Israeli scientists at Tel Aviv University found that no evidence links bats to the Covid-19 pandemic. They examined a variety of scientific papers about infectious diseases and concluded there was no convincing evidence.

“Two years after the pandemic first broke out, we still do not know for sure what the exact origin of the COVID-19 variant is,”Maya Weinberg is the leading author of the study. She published it in the August issue.

According to Weinberg, blaming the pandemic – which has taken the lives of over 6.4 million people – on bats is an “erroneous theory”This “was not based on sufficient compelling scientific proof and caused unnecessary stress and confusion worldwide.”

Not necessarily means that the bats had antibodies against the novel coronavirus. According to Dr. Weinberg, it only means the animal survived the disease and was able to become resistant to the virus. “Bats have a highly effective immune system that enables them to deal relatively easily with viruses considered lethal for other mammals.”

According to the researcher, her research team examined papers about the origins and spread of more than 100 viruses including SARS, Covid-19, Ebola, and SARS. They found that nearly half the claims made regarding bats were false. “based on the incidence of antibodies or PCR tests, rather than actual isolation of identical viruses. Moreover, many of the reported findings are not convincing.”

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“In general, bats are mistakenly conceived of as reservoirs of many contagious diseases,”She added.

Scientists, on the other hand, believe otherwise “must study in-depth the immunological anti-viral capabilities of bats and thus obtain new and effective means of coping in humanity’s struggle against contagious disease, aging and cancer,”Dr. Weinberg stated.



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