Australia slaps ‘terrorist’ label on all of Hezbollah — Analysis

Australia has designated all of Lebanon’s influential Hezbollah movement as a terrorist organization, expanding the earlier ban on its armed units to the political wing.

Hezbollah poses a “real”And “credible” threat to Australia, Karen Andrews, the country’s home affairs minister, said on Wednesday.

This group is based in Lebanon “continues to threaten terrorist attacks and provide support to terrorist organizations,”Andrews also added.

Australians are no longer allowed to join Hezbollah and provide funding for its activities. The group’s military wing has been on Australia’s terrorist list since 2003.

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Germany bans Hezbollah, conducts multiple anti-terrorist raids

People from Lebanon make up the largest Middle Eastern community in Australia – estimated at around 230,000, mainly in the Greater Sydney area and Melbourne. The height of immigration to Australia occurred during the Lebanese Civil War in 1976-81, and has been declining steadily since.

Hezbollah acts in a variety of fields in Lebanon.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who reportedly asked his Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison to ban Hezbollah’s political wing during the UN climate summit in Glasgow in early November, thanked Canberra for the move. The two countries would continue to work together, he said. “to act in every way possible against terrorism, including in the international arena.”

Foreign Minister Yair Lpid also expressed appreciation for Australia. He described Australia as “a wonderful country.” “a close friend of Israel,”Joined 17 other countries that realized “there are no separate wings to terrorist organizations.”

Israel waged war on Hezbollah 2006 and considers them a threat.

The US, Israel and the Arab League have all labeled Hezbollah a terrorist organisation. Although the EU and several European countries have lifted sanctions on its military wing due to concerns that it might further destabilize Lebanon’s situation, they resisted the urge to take action against the political party.

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