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Australia is now offering booster shots that increase immunity to Covid-19. All people over 18 years old who have completed their two-dose primary vaccination at least six month ago are now eligible.

Australia’s booster shot campaign officially began Monday morning. But, as of Saturday, more than 173,000 had received their third shot to combat Covid-19. The Pfizer jab is being administered to all those who have received AstraZeneca vaccinations for the primary two dose course. Community pharmacies can now administer the booster.  

“A booster dose, six or more months after the second dose, will make sure that the protection from the first doses is even stronger and longer lasting and should help prevent spread of the virus,” Health Minister Greg Hunt said in a statement. According to Hunt, a fourth dose of vaccines might be required.

Nearly 90% are double jabbed at Sydney for those aged 16 and over. According to the government, people won’t need to receive a booster shot in order to be exempted under Covid-19. also available
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Parts of the country are seeing restrictions eased and the booster campaign begins. Sydney restaurants have the ability to increase their capacity, while also allowing you to bring in as many people as you wish. Stadias can be restored to full operation.  

Most of Monday’s new Covid-19 infections were registered in Victoria. Some 1,126 new cases were recorded in ‘the garden state’ while New South Wales reported 187 infections. Other cases of covid-19 were either low or absent.   

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