Apple threatened to pull Facebook & Instagram from app store over abuse of maids in Mideast, leaked papers reveal — RT World News

A few years ago, Apple warned that it would remove Facebook and Instagram from its app store if something wasn’t done about the use of those platforms to trade and sell maids in the Middle East, according to leaked documents.

The rift between US tech titans occurred in 2019, according to AP. However, it was resolved when Facebook committed to cracking down on websites that provided maids from Asia and Africa.

Apple apparently rescinded its threats after Facebook closed down over 1,000 accounts dedicated to it within a week. This allowed Instagram and Facebook apps to continue being available on iOS.

However, the problem hasn’t been fully eradicated two years later, as a quick search on Facebook in both Arabic and English still brings up accounts and groups with photos and details of women seeking household jobs in rich countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

Facebook acknowledged in internal documents obtained by AP that it had been “under-enforcing on confirmed abusive activity”Maids in the Philippines and from other countries expressed concern about their mistreatment on the platform.

The papers indicate that the company knew what it was doing. “especially egregious”Poor legal protections provided to foreign workers at the Gulf and other Mideast locations can lead to human rights violations.

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“In our investigation, domestic workers frequently complained to their recruitment agencies of being locked in their homes, starved, forced to extend their contracts indefinitely, unpaid, and repeatedly sold to other employers without their consent,” one of Facebook’s documents read. The agencies replied to the allegations by telling the maids that they would be “more agreeable,”They added it.

“We also found recruitment agencies dismissing more serious crimes, such as physical or sexual assault, rather than helping domestic workers,”These papers are highlighted.

Facebook agreed two years ago to handle maid-selling websites so quickly because “removing our applications from Apple platforms would have had potentially severe consequences to the business, including depriving millions of users of access,” the company’s analysis pointed out.

The company stated that it has changed its rules in a statement sent to the AP. “prohibit human exploitation in no uncertain terms.”Facebook insists that Facebook is. “combating human trafficking on our platform for many years and our goal remains to prevent anyone who seeks to exploit others from having a home on our platform.”

The new revelations were based on internal documents leaked by Facebook’s former production manager, Frances Haugen, which have been obtained by a group of media outlets, including AP.

The papers provided for several damning reports. These included accusations that the company did not understand its algorithms, failed to fight hate speech, and continued with certain practices even though they could be harmful.

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Haugen alleged that Facebook prioritized in her October testimony before Congress. “profit over safety”Angering investors as well as the general public repeatedly.

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