Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service HQ (VIDEOS) — Analysis

In Brussels, police were damaged as a result of violent clashes with protesters.

On Sunday, chaotic scenes were witnessed in Brussels as hundreds of people joined an anti-Covid-19 protest march and against other European government restrictions.

Charles Baudry of RT France captured videos showing white-headed police officers dressed in riot gear obstructing streets and using water cannons for dispersal. All the while, black-clad masked protesters were pelting the police with various projectiles, including planks they had apparently acquired from demolishing a café’s terrace.

They could be heard shouting, cheering and throwing plastic chairs at officers who tried to expel them with tear gas. RT footage showed officers with shields or batons moving in tight formation to drive the demonstrators away from a city parks.

Demonstrators attacked the European External Action Service Headquarters in one violent attack. Demonstrators attempted to smash the glass and then made visible marks. A group of officers was also present inside, where they used planks for improvised spears.


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