Anti-lockdown protesters beat their way through police — Analysis

Anti-lockdown demonstrators confronted the police in Mannheim to stop an unauthorised rally. 13 officers were also injured.

As a consequence, one of the officers was hospitalized. The demonstrators had ignored a ban on public gatherings, taking to the city streets regardless, to hold what they described as a “stroll.” According to police estimates, as many as 800 people turned up at various locations on Monday evening. Among the slogans heard at the rally were “Peace, Freedom, no Dictatorship,” as well as “We are the people.” The demonstrators also set off a few firecrackers along their route.

Initial police notifications to the public via loudspeakers were all that the officers were doing. This led to several clashes and ultimately a brawl which was captured on video. In the unverified footage circulating on social media, a group of protesters are seen forcing their way through a police line, with some throwing “Tossing officers with deliberate punches” as Patrick Knapp, a spokesperson for Mannheim police, told the media.

Police detained 13 people suspected of assaulting police officers and warned 131 others for breaking the ban on gatherings.

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In the days ahead, police will be monitoring social media for any signs of trouble.

Similar protests were also held in Weinheim. Two officers sustained injuries in an altercation between law enforcement and activists.

According to local media, there were also unauthorized demonstrations against Covid policies in Rostock. There were 10,000 participants. Numerous thousand of people also gathered in Schwerin Magdeburg and Cottbus. All of the demonstrations went without incident. There were no clashes reported.



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