Ankara angered by anti-Turkish campaign in Ukraine – media — Analysis

Names of Turkish bankers and businessmen are listed on a Ukrainian website calling for sanctioning those supporting Russia

Ankara is demanding explanations from Kiev after a number of Turkish banks and businessmen were added to a Ukrainian government-linked website that calls to sanction those who support Russia, Aydınlık newspaper has reported.

Over the weekend, Turkey addressed the Ukrainian Ambassador in Ankara. “expressed our strong response and specific expectations”According to diplomatic sources, the paper was informed Tuesday of the state of the situation.

According to them, the Turkish mission in Kiev also requested explanations from Ukrainian authorities.

“Considering our existing strategic partnership, solidarity and cooperation with Ukraine, it’s expected that Turkish individuals and organizations won’t be targeted by sanctions,”The sources stated.

Aydınlık earlier reported that data on Turkish companies, including state-owned Ziraat Bank, major private bank Denizbank and brewer Anadolu Efes, as well as a host of the country’s businessmen, who work with Russia, had appeared on the ‘War and Sanctions’ website.

Turkey to make another push for peace in Ukraine – media

It is supported both by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and National Agency on Corrupt Prevention. The platform lists people who should, according Kiev, be sanctioned. “for their support of Russia’s war against Ukraine.”

Ankara has condemned Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, but refrained from joining the international sanctions against Russia despite pressure from the US and its allies. Recep Tayyip Turkey Erdogan met both Vladimir Putin (Russian leader) and Vladimir Zelensky (Ukraine counterpart).

Uluc Ozulker, a former Turkish diplomat said that it was true. “crazy”It is important for Kiev that Turkish entrepreneurs and businesses are restricted.

“Turkey is the only country that can negotiate with both Ukraine and Russia… Ukraine sells its grain with the mediation of Turkey and makes money… Ukraine needs Turkey,”Ozulker also contributed.

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