An Overview of Anil Chaturvedi’s Acclaimed Banking Career

The successful banker has conceived and implemented a host of impressive investment strategies over his four-decade career to date.

Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned banker and has cultivated optimal financial outcomes for his clients on a global scale. He has worked in corporate, private, and investment banking, as well as cross-border transactions between Europe and India. He has held an array of prestigious positions for leading international banks and the renowned wealth management firm Merrill Lynch, where he served for two decades. Below is an overview of Anil Chaturvedi’s career successes to date.

Anil Chaturvedi’s Career History

Anil studied a BA in Economics in 1971, followed by an MBA in Financial Management in 1973, both at Delhi University’s Delhi School of Economics. Following his studies, Anil went on to develop his impressive investment portfolios at the following leading banks and wealth management firms:

Development and Planning Manager, State Bank of India, Greater New York 

In 1987, Anil took on a four-year role at the State Bank of India—and the firm soon promoted him from Management Trainee to Development and Planning Manager. During his tenure, Anil plotted and implemented a marketing strategy to capture non-resident Indian businesses in America. The strategy resulted in a $500 million growth within four years, and the State Bank of India awarded Anil the Man of Year Award.

Anil worked in a variety of departments at the State Bank of India to develop an over-arching knowledge of banking and investments. He grew the bank by 100% within five years, managed 60 employees, and attracted over 100 new clients involved in equity raising and foreign collaborations. He then launched an NRI deposit program that generated over 3,000 new clients, bringing a combined $3.2 billion to the bank.

Vice President and Senior Representative for US Operations, Grindlays Bank, New York

Anil followed up his four-year term at the State Bank of India with a position as the Vice President and Senior Representative for US Operations at Grindlays bank. During this time, Anil oversaw the bank’s operations by managing marketing, product development, and policy departments. He also developed a hugely profitable model for the bank, which boasted a $300 million deposit base.

Managing Director, Merrill Lynch, Greater New York

Following his role with Grindlays Bank, Anil then took on a position as the Managing Director of wealth management firm Merrill Lynch. During his extensive 18-year tenure, Anil specialized in global transactions between India, America, Europe, and Asia. Not only did he conceive bespoke investment solutions for high-net-worth clients, but he also created 300 accounts from inception with $1.2 billion assets under management (AUM). As one of the top advisors for the world’s largest wealth management company, he ranked second-place at BAC-ML international private banking group for five consecutive years. 

During this time, Anil also became a member of the Circle of Champions and a member of Barron’s Top Producers Club.

Managing Director, Hinduja Bank, Switzerland 

In 2011, Hinduja Bank called on Anil for his unrivalled banking skills and expertise. Once Anil had relocated to Switzerland and accepted the position of Managing Director, he began offering corporate advisory services on cross-border strategic alliances between businesses in India, Europe, America, and Asia. He continues to manage mergers and acquisitions, credit syndication, sale and restructuring of distressed assets, and capital funds from international organizations and institutional investors. Anil has generated over $100 million in gross assets, averaging an annual $1.3 million in revenue.

Anil Chaturvedi’s Work in Indian Markets

Today, much of Anil’s client work focuses on investments in Indian markets—his in-depth knowledge of the Indian economy’s evolution centers primarily on foreign investments. Between 1991 and 2020, the number of countries that invest in India has grown from 29 to 130. The Indian e-commerce market could grow to $200 million by 2026. Digitalization is quickly making retail accessible worldwide, both for small and large businesses, encouraging huge growth in investment opportunities. However, Indian tax laws and corporate policies can make it difficult for European companies to compete effectively. Anil helps international investors to form connections within Indian business communities that put these investors in the best positions to capitalize on India’s best market opportunities.

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