Americans’ trust in media hits record low – poll — Analysis

A Gallup poll shows that only one out of six people trust TV and newspapers.

A Gallup poll found that one-sixth of Americans trust newspapers, and only one-tenth trust TV. They are both the lowest levels since 1973 and 1993 respectively. The last year has shown a sharp decline in trust. The gap between Democrats and other Americans in regard to media trust is growing.

Only 16% respondents stated that newspapers give them confidence, while 43% of those surveyed said so. “very little”Trust in the media. This is the first time this figure has fallen below 20% since Gallup started tracking data in 1973. 

Things looked even worse for television, with only 11% – the lowest percentage on record since 1993 – having a great deal of confidence in TV news, compared to the 49% with “very little” trust.

Trust in TV and newspapers has declined significantly between 2021-2022, with both falling by five percent in each case. The trend is consistent across political parties, but the poll showed significant gaps. 

Trust in media plummeting worldwide – Reuters

The newspaper trust was still maintained by 35% of Democrats, while it fell to just 5% and 12% respectively, even though there were three percentage points of decline. Independents fell five points to only 8% while Democrats lost trust in TV news, dropping six percentage points from 20% to 20%. Meanwhile, Republicans actually began trusting TV news slightly more than in 2021, going from 6%  to 8%.

Gallup reported that trust in American media has been declining over time.

“Americans are less confident in major US institutions than they were a year ago, with significant declines for 11 of the 16 institutions tested and no improvements for any,”Gallup commented on the results of the survey. There were 1,015 respondents, and they polled them between June 1- 20.

Overall, trust in the US Supreme Court fell by 11 points, from 31% to 13% for Democrats to 40% to 25% for independents, in response to controversial decisions on abortion rights and gun rights. Republicans gained only 3%.

The Republicans lost 10 points of confidence in the military, while the Democrats gained four points. All political parties lost faith in police officers, and Republicans suffered a significant 11-point drop. 

The country seemed to be united despite losing faith in President Joe Biden’s White House. However, while Republican trust was down to just 2% (ten points), it plummeted among the independents (31% to just 18%), and fell completely among Biden’s fellow Democrats (69% in 2021, to just 51% now).

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