American attacks Chinese embassy — Analysis

According to a Washington, DC magistrate Judge, on Friday, a Chicago man tried to blow up the Chinese embassy. He will be kept in jail for seven days to receive mental health treatment. Benjamin Grabinski, a Chicago man who attempted to set fire to the Chinese embassy in Washington DC, was reportedly requested that he be kept in “isolation”Out of concern for the general population in jail.

Grabinski was caught throwing a beer bottle against the wall of the Chinese Embassy, in northwest Washington. The authorities say that Grabinski had approached the embassy with a bottle of glass and a piece cloth attached to its neck. Grabinski then failed and tore the cloth from the neck of the glass bottle. He then left the gate with the bottle. He was stopped by US Secret Service Agents a short distance from the Embassy.

“I tried to light it, but it didn’t work,”The agents claimed that he had told them.

Judge Zia Faruqui ordered Grabinski to undergo a mental assessment. A report is due Friday, at the hearing. Grabinski asked for her to be kept in, according to reports. “isolation”At the DC prison

“I don’t want to have to turn [to] a white supremacist gang to survive in general population,”He said that according to Politico.

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The Friday affidavit states that Grabinski was stopped outside of the Embassy by a Secret Service agent on May 29th, after which he had turned his back on the officer. “continuously harassed”He was a security agent. The alleged attacker also said that he had thrown a rock at an embassy. “Next time, it’s going to be a firebomb!”

Grabinski provided an Illinois ID and Department of Veterans Affairs card to the agent. Grabinski also stated that he had previously thrown a “small rock”at the embassy, and that he came to DC to exhibit in Chicago. “discontent for the Chinese government,”The affidavit stated.

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