Almost no Americans see Russia as problem – poll — Analysis

Gallup found that only 1% Americans cited Moscow, while 17% cited inflation as the top concern.

Americans view soaring inflation, poor governance and the state of the economy as their country’s biggest problems, with just 1% mentioning Russia, according to a poll released by Gallup on Monday.

Despite the Ukraine conflict remaining a major news story in the US, the share of respondents concerned by Russia’s actions has fallen sharply after hitting 9% in March, the month that followed Moscow’s offensive, the polling agency said. On July 5, the latest data were compiled.

Americans have made abortion a major issue, with 8 percent naming it the greatest problem. It was at its highest point since 1984 when the agency started to track it.

The spike in concern over abortion rights follows the US Supreme Court ruling in June that overturned Roe v Wade— the 1973 landmark decision that guaranteed the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy.

The metric was higher for Democrats and blue-leaning Independents, where 13% of respondents mentioned it. This compares to 4% for Republicans and red-leaning Independents.

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The US public perceives three issues as being more urgent than abortion. Each of these problems accounted for 17% of respondents, and the overall state of the US economy accounted for 12%. Gallup reported that the US economy was the most serious problem, 35% naming it as such, a slight decrease from June.

According to the poll, Russia isn’t the only topic that American media are covering closely. The poll also included Covid-19, the extreme weather, climate, and House Select Committee hearings regarding the Capitol riots of January 6-2021.

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