All the money in America won’t bring children back, US must just leave Afghanistan in peace – Kabul drone strike victim’s brother

The US is admitting error by offering compensation for the lives of innocent children killed by a drone strike in Kabul, but no amount of money will ease their family’s pain, the aggrieved brother of one of the victims told RT.

Not a single terrorist was hit, but seven children – some as young as two – as well as three adults, perished in the charred ruins of their own family’s backyard. A cruel twist of fate revealed that Zemari Ahmadi (the man the US intelligence thought was a terrorist plotting an attack) actually worked for NGO in California. They distributed food to Afghans and later said another victim had been working as a translator. RT interviewed the families of those who were left behind following the strike. also available
‘They attacked us & killed our children’: Grieving Afghan fathers demand fair investigation of US drone strike in Kabul (VIDEO)

Faced with mounting questions about the glaring mismatch of the Pentagon’s narrative with the reality, the US military was forced to admit the operation’s failure. Eventually, an unspecified financial compensation was offered to the victims’ relatives. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced a “commitment”To the Ahmadi Family for Compensation, “ex gratia condolence payments”John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, revealed last week that assistance was provided by the State Department in moving family members to America.

However, the offer of payment was apparently the closest Washington got to a personal apology, which Ahmadi’s relatives say they are yet to receive.

“We would accept [an apology] in case they contact us, apologize and admit that our family is innocent,”Emal Ahmadi (brother of murdered aid worker) spoke to RT on Wednesday. also available
Pentagon offers unspecified ‘condolence payments’ for 7 Afghan children & aid worker murdered in botched drone strike

Yet no amount of aid could rectify the tragic events, which have turned the surviving family’s life into misery. “Each day and each moment after that attack, we are constantly feeling pain when we think of those elder or a minor who was killed,” Ahmadi said. Ahmadi did not confirm or deny that he would accept American compensation.

Apart from Zemari, the strike also claimed the life of Emal’s own daughter, Malika, who was just two years old. Sumaya Itsoufi (a toddler also) was among her victims.

“Each day after that attack, our life is getting more and more miserable. Day and night, we recall our memories with our brother and our children, we miss them a lot, the life is hell without them,”Emal expressed his emotions in an interview and said that there is no way to change this. 

“Compensation is not a remedy to the pain inflicted to us; it is a known fact. It can’t replace the loss of my family, my brother, my own daughter and nephews, who have lost their lives, compensation will not bring them back to life.” also available
A drone attack in Kabul by the United States killed AID WORKER. It was not ISIS terrorist, according to a NYT investigation.

Even if the US paid the family “the whole of their wealth”The aggrieved father stated that it wouldn’t change anything. He said that the US is not a family member and does not require anything except for his family. “to investigate thoroughly before such drone attacks in the future.”

Emal states that America should leave Afghanistan and allow its people to live peacefully. “a single family”There was no country in which there were not any relatives who died during the US war on terrorist. It was impossible to provide humanitarian aid. “compensate the loss you inflicted to this nation,”He adds that he addresses Washington.

How [will]You address the pain and suffering of war for a father, brother or child? You can feel this pain everywhere, it can’t be dealt with humanitarian aid

Emal claims that he and his family cannot continue to live in Kabul if they have to flee Afghanistan. “without those loving kids”Around. 

The survivors were the family members “happy”He was happy to learn that Americans at least publicly acknowledged their mistakes, he stated. 

Emal’s brother Zemari was employed by the American NGO Nutrition & Education International, and the Kabul compound the US insisted was associated with ISIS was actually a building used by the aid organization. Zemari had loaded water jugs into his vehicle, which he apparently thought was explosives. also available
‘We want justice under US law,’ father of 2yo daughter killed in Kabul drone strike tells RT

The offer of the compensation to Ahmadi’s relatives was reportedly raised during a virtual meeting between Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl and Dr. Steven Kwon, who employed Zemari. According to reports, the Afghan was working at the NGO for fourteen years when he died.

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