Al-Qaeda vows revenge against India — Analysis

The terrorist group threatens to carry out suicide attacks in response to a politician’s remarks about the Prophet Muhammad

Police are on high alert across India, after an affiliate of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda threatened a wave of suicide attacks over a ruling party politician’s inflammatory remarks on the Prophet Mohammed.

Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent released a statement Monday stating that the state of Gujarat, Delhi and Mumbai would be targeted.

They also threatened to attack Hindu politicians who live in fortified compounded homes with suicide bombers.

The Indian government has said it’s taking the threat seriously, and police in the states listed are being placed on high alert.

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This follows a global wave of Muslim outrage over comments made by Nupur Sharma, the national spokesperson of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Sharma spoke out on behalf of the Prophet Muhammad and Aisha in a debate that was broadcast live to television. Later, the video went viral and was denounced by many Muslims for being blasphemy.

The backlash saw Sharma and BJP’s Delhi media chief, Naveen Kumar Jindal – who tweeted about the Prophet and then deleted the message – suspended and labeled “fringe elements” who don’t represent the views of the Indian government.

Sharma later apologized on Twitter, claiming that she never intended to insult anyone’s religious beliefs. Sharma, 37 years old, claimed that she was responding to “continuous insult and disrespect”During the debate, Mahadev was criticized. “I hereby unconditionally withdraw my statement,”She wrote.

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The apology she made did not stop the spread of Muslim hatred that has raged far beyond India. On Tuesday, Indonesia and the UAE as well as Jordan, Bahrain, Libya (Qatar, Kuwait, Qatar), Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Kuwait, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran and Saudi Arabia all filed official complaints about the comments made by BJP members.

Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim community in the world. The Indian ambassador was summoned by Indonesia in Jakarta. Bahrain condemned the remarks. “a provocation to Muslims’ feelings and incitement to religious hatred.”

Twitter has been trending #ShameOnBJP. However, there were also many users who supported Sharma and insisted that Modi’s government shouldn’t give in to the pressure from the Muslim world.

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