Abay Sarsekeyev: Building Bridges Between Kazakhstan and the United States

In a world of mass polarization, MassNews has begun a series documenting individuals who have contributed to seeking to de-polarize the political climate and building bridges between different nations and their respective citizenry. One such individual is Abay Sarsekeyev, a Florida based entrepreneur who has spent decades building ties between Central Asian countries, their Eastern neighbors and the United States. Abay is a well known entrepreneur in Kazakhstan.

Among his most well known entrepreneurial pursuits and ventures is Alladin Global, an integrated E-Commerce platform for retail sales within the Eurasian Economic Union. Sarsekeyev has also sought to help export the technological innovations in Silicon Valley over the last decade to Kazakhstan and Central Asia more broadly.

He has also established the TechnoCouncil, a group of experts dedicated to launching various innovative commercial projects meant to revitalize ties in the spheres of technology and entrepreneurship between the United States and Kazakhstan. The TechnoCouncil has grown to become a hub of experts in the worlds of finance, IT, e-commerce, and the oil and gas trades between the United States, Europe and Kazakhstan.

Most importantly perhaps, Abay has sought to utilize the ties he has managed to bridge between folks from disparate backgrounds as a means of helping unify people from different walks of life. During the turbulent times we find ourselves in currently, such a person deserves recognition. For if we could only help establish dialogue between people of different cultural backgrounds regardless of their political disagreements, the world would surely be a better, safer and healthier place.


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