8 TV Shows to Watch When You’re Feeling Stressed

Life is too stressful to only watch TV shows that make you feel like you’re going to have a panic attack before the opening credits even finish. You, Euphoria.) Sometimes it’s best to cuddle up with a bit of Comfort TVA big cup of warm cocoa, topped with whip cream and mini marshmallows will calm your nerves and soothe your soul. Many of us know a handful of feel-good favourites. that we turn to in times of need, but what happens when you can’t possibly bring yourself to press play on another episode of Gilmore Girls? What if Michael Scott’s cringe offensive in The Office is just too much to bear when you’re dealing with the Sunday scaries? What if—gasp—you become numb to Ted Lasso’s charms?
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If you’re looking for something to ease your troubles, here’s a list of shows to watch when you’re feeling stressed. These series are sure to bring out the best in viewers and not just the bad. No hate-watching here: it’s all love. It’s not like anxiety-inducing dramas, such as Ozark Or Squid GameThis half-hour of happy-go lucky comedy will entertain you and make your doctor smile. Nail-biting cliffhangers? We don’t know them.

Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope is the ever sunny Amy Poehler portrays Pawnee politicianWe need a leader who is hardworking and ambitious in uncertain times. She’s an ambitious mid-level administrator who loves her job as much as waffles with cream. Don’t worry: Leslie understands the importance of finding work-life balance, which is why whenever she lists the three most important things in her life (friends, waffles, work) in order of importance, she puts “work” last.

It’s on Peacock!

Bob’s Burgers

If burger puns and fart jokes make you happy, you’ll fit right in with the Belchers. At Bob’s burger joint, there often aren’t enough butts in the seats, much to Tina, Tina’s oldest daughter is backside obsessed’s chagrin. But on this animated family series, there’s always a lot of love to go around.

You can see it here Hulu

Broad City

Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glaszer’s Comedy Central series, in which they play hyper and often high versions of themselves, is like I Love Lucy for millennials. Abbi, Ilana and Ethel are not required to work in a chocolate factory or clean an apartment for a diaper-wearing child-child. They will be buying tickets to the Lil Wayne concert. EveryoneEpisode of Broad City It is filled with high-jinks and survival lessons that require a partner.

You can watch it at Hulu

Great British Baking Show

Take some downtime after a tiring day at work. The Great British Baking Show gang—whose critiques of even the most unsuccessful bakes are punny, not punitive. No one likes being told they have a “soggy bottom,” but these judges certainly aren’t Gordon Ramsay. The lovely can-do attitude of this beloved food competition series might be why you’ll find it hard to watch just one episode per day. Netflix offers nearly 60 episodes filled with sweet talkers, and sweet treats that you can eat on Netflix.

It’s available on Netflix


Union busting, low wages and inhumane conditions of work are all examples. These aren’t the most hilarious topics, but somehow this workplace comedy about a big-box store in St. Louis, starring America Ferrera and Ben Feldman, tackles difficult issues with so much humor and grace that viewers are left feeling better about humanity rather than worse.

You can watch it at HuluOder Peacock

Calming the World

Don’t worry if you doze off while watching this immersive documentary series that covers everything from coral reefs to glass blowing. These ASMR-friendly “sleep stories” narrated by Zoë Kravitz, Nicole Kidman, Idris ElbaCelebs like, were created to transport you into the realm of dreamland. You will fall asleep when you are with Keanu Reeves beats counting sheep, that’s for sure.

It’s available on HBO Max

Take it one day at a time

Modern updates to the Norman LearThe classic movie, which stars Justina Machado playing a single mother raising her two children, transcends nostalgia. Netflix’s new sitcom features a Cuban family. This allows viewers to see a perspective that is often overlooked on key topics, such as racism, mental illness and gender identity. Although it might sound serious, this is a lighthearted way to approach the issue. Take it one day at a time The joke always wins. That helps. Rita MorenoIt is usually the one who delivers the best one-liners.

It’s available on Netflix

It is possible

Parks and Recreation Amy Poehler, and Nick OffermanThe hosts and creators behind the most gentle, kind-hearted reality TV show. Each week, crafty contestants work on DIY projects that range from making one-of-a-kind wedding toppers to front-door holiday displays, all in the hopes of becoming the season’s “Master Maker.” The honor comes with an adorable little patch and, often, a whole lot of happy tears. Keep the tissues close, because you’re bound to bawl your eyes out before each episode is through. There will be tears of joy.

It’s on Peacock!


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