8 Signs a Chimney Needs to be Professionally Repaired

There are different projects that you will take care of throughout the year to keep your home in good shape. There are some projects that you should have tackled to prepare your home for cold weather. It is especially important for you to keep your chimney clean and in good shape as the weather gets cooler, and for you to know when to get professional help to repair it.

1.If You See Smoke in Your Home

If you try to get your fireplace going so that you can relax by it, but smoke fills your home and things do not go as planned, you need help. You should bring in a professional if you notice smoke in your home so that you can figure out what is going on with your chimney and keep your home safe.

2. If a Wall is Damaged

If you notice that the paint on the wall near your fireplace is starting to bubble and look weird, you might have something going on with your chimney. You can also notice chimney issues if you have wallpaper that is peeling.

3. You Can See Space Between Chimney Bricks

If you look at your chimney from outside your home and you notice that the bricks are not sitting cleanly together like they are supposed to, you may need to contact chimney repair professionals. If there are cracks in your chimney, it could be because of mortar joint issues, and this problem can cause the chimney to collapse if you ignore it.

4. Visible Rust

If you notice rust anywhere on the chimney or your fireplace, this could mean that there is moisture in places where it should not be. This issue should be addressed by those who know what they are doing.

5. A Damaged Chimney Crown

A damaged chimney crown can cause real issues for the whole chimney. This is something that you might not notice from the ground, but it is something that may be spotted during a chimney inspection and then addressed.

6. If You Spot Brick Fragments by the Chimney

If small fragments are breaking off of the bricks of your chimney, this could lead to real trouble. You do not want to have the entire chimney fall apart, so you should get professional help.

7. White Stains on the Chimney Appear

If you notice white discoloration on your chimney, this could be a sign of excess moisture. This issue should be addressed before it has the chance to get worse or cause real damage.

8. Something Just Looks Off

If you feel like there is something off with your chimney but you are not sure what is going on, get help from professionals. If you notice that the chimney does not look normal, you can bring in someone who will be able to figure out what is going on with it and address any issues so that your home stays safe.

There are different problems that can come up when you have a fireplace and chimney in your home. Know when to seek professional help to stay safe.



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