8 Planning Tips to Help Maximize Your Christmas Light Design

Christmas is one of the happy moments during the year. You can come up with a Christmas light design during such joyous moments. If you’ve never come up with such a design before, the following planning tips will come in handy.

1. Plan the Lighting Design

Do you have a particular version in your head? Then you can recreate it; however, it may take more work than you can imagine.

You should start by developing an overall game plan for the holiday lights. Also, think about things you usually like and want to decorate. Ensure all your ideas are collected in one place before the actual work commences.

2. Always Measure the Lighting Requirements

Measure a straight line along where you want to install the Christmas lights. It helps to determine the size and number of strands needed. Also, you can measure the distance to the power source. Don’t use longer wires than required. Also, ensure the light display is not eye-sore because of using unnecessary wiring.

3. Use Energy-Efficient LEDs

Currently, LED lights are highly recommended since they’re energy-efficient and will require a smaller wattage than incandescent bulbs. They may cost more than regular lights; nevertheless, your energy bills will be low.

4. Ensure Safety is a Priority

When setting up light sets and light features, you should opt for UL-approved extension cords, which should be specific to outdoor lighting. Look for lights rated based on whether they can be used outdoors or indoors. If you’re in doubt, check the lighted strands or length that needs connection.

5. Choose a Focal Point

Instead of using different lights, looking for a focal point is advisable. Without the focal point, the house lighting usually appears to be haphazard. As a result, always add lights based on the space you have. Also, consider the architectural design.

For outdoor lighting, some of the popular spots include around the deck railings, along the rooflines, on garden pathways, around door frames or windows, or on top of hedges, bushes, or a Christmas tree.

6. Choose the Holiday Light Colors Carefully

The white lights in the market aren’t the same. The white light LED bulbs usually have a bluish tint, whereas incandescent bulbs are normally slightly orange. You shouldn’t mix different shades since they may appear to be mismatched. Ensure the light types you are using are similar. Also, the lights may vary from one manufacturer to another.

7. Use Light Clips

Instead of using staples, you should use light clips. The main issue is that some people don’t know how Christmas lights are supposed to be hung. There are different options, and you can use specially designed clips if you want an appealing outcome for your Christmas light design.

8. If You’re in Doubt, Hire a Professional

You may sometimes be in doubt, and in such an instance, you should hire a professional to create the Christmas light design. Ensure the professional you hire has a good reputation. You can assess their reputation through online reviews and their work experience. Based on your findings, you can make the right decision.

Decorating your home during the holiday season is a creative challenge. However, there is no need to complicate things. Sensibly use the holiday lights while ensuring the significant features of the house are appealing.



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