5 Reasons to Use Pre-Rolls

While there are tens of cannabis products in dispensaries today, smoking a joint is still a fancy trend. Marijuana joints have been around for years, but in the recent past, you had to roll your own joint. Not anymore.

Pre-rolls is a new product providing people with a convenient way to ingest recreational marijuana. If you reside in an area where recreational or medical marijuana is legal, there are higher chances that the option of getting pre-rolled joints is not very far from you.

There are a couple of reasons why pre-rolled joints have gained popularity in the past few years. The leading benefit is that you can get a joint from your local dispensary and light it on the spot.

Here are reasons to try pre-rolled joints.

1. A Stylish Way to Smoke

Besides being convenient, pre-rolls are cool. They are packed charmingly, just like cigarettes and are so discreet that people can’t notice you are smoking marijuana. Additionally, you can get the desired effects anytime on the streets before you go for your swimming or yoga class.

2. Pre-Rolls Are Convenient

Buying a pre-rolled joint is the easiest and quickest way of consuming cannabis. They are perfectly rolled and put in packs that you only need to get your pack and throw it in your bag. Some producers put the rolls in a pocket-sized metal tin so you won’t worry about squashing them when you are on the move. Also, the pocket-sized pack is well concealed to contain the smell so that moving around with them is discreet.

Surprisingly, even single pre-rolls are well packed in plastic tubes to prevent them from crushing. Some of them are accompanied by matches – smoking has never been this more comfortable.

3. Top Quality Flower

When smoking marijuana, it is prudent to mind the quality of the flower. Long gone are days when pre-rolls were rolled with a dry leftover shake. The pre-rolls used to burn fast that you had to take several joints to get the desired effects.

Today, pre-rolls contain top quality flowers and are vacuum sealed. You don’t have to forego quality for convenience anymore. Another fantastic benefit of premium pre-rolls is that you can try various trains at a go, of course, without hurting your wallet.

4. Great Value

Did we say that pre-rolls are quite affordable! You can get a pack of five rolls with less than what you could spend for an ounce of flowers. However, the price of pre-rolls varies with the type of flower. Therefore, you can mix multiple strains and pick a price point that you are comfortable with. The topmost benefit is that the rolling work is already sorted- all you need is to light up your joint to get high.

5. There Are Plenty of Options

Numerous people are inclined to pre-rolls due to a wide range of options. If you already know a strain of your choice, you can order a seven-pack right away. If you are not sure of the strain to choose or you want to blend different strains for different moods, you can mix several strains. If you want to get motivated in the morning and rest of your day, get a Sativa cone and wind up your day with an Indica strain.

Generally, options are endless with a cigarette-like pre-rolls pack, classic cone joints or even CBD rolls if your desired effect is not to get high.

With pre-rolls, you don’t have to trade quality for convenience. The rolls make smoking convenient, faster and less expensive while giving you a variety of options and less stress.



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