5 Essential Reasons to Install Hurricane Windows at Your House

Owning a home is a source of freedom and pride. Homeownership is the first step to building equity, and it is regarded as the best way of wealth creation. However, the privilege of owning a home comes with a myriad of responsibilities, including keeping it well-maintained and securing it against dangerous weather and crime. Hurricane windows are a great option for a homeowner looking to secure their home from adverse weather conditions. Impact windows can withstand harsh weather, including storms. Here are five reasons every homeowner should consider installing impact glass windows.

Protection from Hurricanes

Hurricanes are always a concern, especially for people living along the Gulf. Impact-resistant windows are a great choice for such places because they are less likely to break even under extreme weather such as storms. Impact-windows may also be necessary for a home where the owner lives with their small children or pets. Cleaning debris of a broken bowl or plate can be difficult, and no matter how thoroughly you sweep, you will still find glass shards days and weeks later. If that’s a hassle, imagine the mess that multiple windows breakages would cause.

Noise Reduction

Nothing frustrates me more than trying to fall asleep in a noisy environment. Highway traffic, car doors slamming, and barking dogs can all cause noise pollution. Loud noise cannot only keep you up at night but cause disturbance during the day. Fortunately, homeowners can use impact windows to dampen the noise from the outside. The windows are fitted with a polyvinyl membrane that absorbs noise. With impact glass windows, homeowners can hold meetings or any other event at their home without worrying about noise distractions.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Homebuyers are always concerned about the security and structural features of a property. Aspects such as windows, foundation, and roof significantly impact a property’s resale value. As such, impact glass windows installation can make a property more valuable. These glass windows can also entice potential buyers into buying your property.

Lower Energy Bill

The tradeoff for mild fall and winter temperatures is often hot summer months. People living along the Gulf often experience a nice breeze during the winter, but it can feel scorching during the summer. An AC unit can provide relief during these extreme temperature levels, but the cooling cost can be high. The energy bills when an AC is running can be three times higher. However, installing impact glass windows can help resolve this issue. These windows are fitted with multi-layer properties that can help reduce the heat penetrating a home. The more an air conditioner runs, the more energy it consumes. Impact glass windows can help seal the heat inside your home, keeping your family comfortable all day and night.

Qualify for Homeowner’s Insurance Discount

Knowing that you have a secure home can give you peace of mind. A safe and secure home can also attract discounts from home insurers. Insurance companies charge insurance premiums based on the risk. Your insurance company will likely charge you more if your home is more vulnerable to costly damages. However, installing impact glass windows can decrease exposure to risks such as breakages. Homeowners who have taken this precaution are more eligible for insurance discounts than those without it.

Coastal regions have it all, including favorable weather year-round and beautiful beaches. However, along with that beauty, coastal regions witness tropical hurricanes and storms that can be destructive. Homeowners can protect their windows during hurricanes and storms by installing impact glass windows and hurricane shutters. Impact windows are affordable protection against harsh weather conditions. The benefits of investing in impact glass windows outweigh the cost by far.



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