3 Key Signs You Should Speak to a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Automobile accidents are quite common, and many people are involved in multiple incidents during their lifetime. Often, they proceed through the insurance process on their own, assuming their insurance company will take care of them. They may not consider hiring a lawyer. This decision can be an expensive one. Even the most mundane accidents can end up in court. If you are in an accident, protect yourself from the potential legal and financial fallout. Hire a lawyer if any of the following are true.

1- Fault Questions

One of the biggest questions after an accident is “Who is to blame?” If the police determine you are at fault or they are unsure who caused the accident, you need legal advice. Insurance companies usually accept the police department’s fault determination. Your insurance company will pay out if you are at fault, but your rates will probably rise. You will also receive an expensive ticket and may face a lawsuit. If you are on the hook for the accident, seek legal advice immediately. If the fault is unclear, protect yourself and consult a lawyer.

2- Injury Issues

You need legal help if you or someone else is injured in the accident. Insurance companies will settle for medical issues, but the amount may be insufficient to cover the immediate expenses or long-term care. If you are at fault, you can be sued by a personal injury lawyer. Or, if you are the injured party, you will need a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests.

Some injuries from a collision do not show up immediately. Others may fail to resolve as expected. This issue is a complicated and often messy one that requires legal expertise to untangle. Whenever injuries are involved, seek legal representation.

3- Insurance Issues

Good insurance companies try to be fair but spend limited time resolving your claim. You need to provide them with the accident report and photos of the scene. Beyond that, you may need witness statements and a more careful examination of the circumstances surrounding the event. These steps take time.

When you hire a lawyer, they will do the necessary work and make certain your insurance company has all the pertinent evidence. They will also work to get you a better settlement. Many people simply accept the first offer from the insurance company. Your lawyer will negotiate with the company to make certain you get the amount you deserve.

Hire a Lawyer

Automobile accidents are common, but that does not make them uncomplicated. As soon as you are in a collision, you should take steps to protect yourself. If able, document everything, seek medical attention, and call a lawyer. You live in a litigious society, and even simple car accidents can become big legal issues.

Your insurance company will not conduct an in-depth investigation but depend on the police report. You need someone fighting for you from the beginning. The cost of vehicle repair, medical bills, and lawsuits can be huge. A lawyer will help you navigate the necessary paperwork and legal action.



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