3 Easy Methods to Find a Job

3 Easy Methods to Find a Job

Finding a job is no easy feat. It requires time and patience, something most people don’t have the luxury of having during their busy work day. At the same time, a job is an essential resource that a person has. Finding a job is more than just looking in the newspaper to see if there’s an opening. It’s about being proactive and figuring out how to make that jump from a current position to another one. The following are some great tips for finding a new job:

1. Finding a Job on Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms for people looking for jobs. These social media platforms offer different ways to find a new job. On Facebook, anyone can post pictures of their resumes, and they will appear in the news feed of all their friends. LinkedIn has its application for finding new jobs. And Twitter has a location-based search function that allows people to get local employment near their current location.

Job Search Engines

Some people prefer a job search engine instead of looking directly on the company’s website for available positions. A job search engine is a great way to find hidden gems, allowing people to go beyond the standard search criteria. The Internet is full of new job opportunities that are not advertised anywhere. Job search engines make it easy to find new jobs that are not technology-based but in other industries.

Finding a Job on Craigslist

Some people hate posting their resumes on different websites just to get noticed. That’s where Craigslist comes into play. Craigslist is a website where people can post their resumes and make a new connection with someone who has the same interests as them. Gigs are posted on Craigslist every day. And it’s a great way to meet people while still maintaining privacy.

2. Contact Companies Directly

Contact companies directly and let them know you are interested in the available position. It’s an excellent way to put your name in front of the hiring manager and start building your career.

Focus on Transferable Skills

According to Helen Lee Schifter, one of the biggest mistakes people make when applying for jobs is focusing on their job history instead of their transferable skills. Transferable skills are the things learned from a past job that still have value.

Have Recommendations on Hand

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to have enough recommendations and testimonials that show potential employers that this is a reliable, trustworthy person who will get the job done.

3. Don’t Give Up

Create a job portfolio and get regular feedback on it. Arbitrage trader Schifter pointed out that creating a job portfolio should share enough information to be considered for future jobs. It’s like bringing in a resume, but with more personal communication, more pictures, and more specific skills. The portfolio should have enough information that if a person were looking at it, they would understand who the candidate was without having to interview them. A cover letter that goes along with it will make a great impression, as it shows that the person taking the time to write this letter knows what they’re doing.
Helen Lee Schifter thinks that it takes hard work and determination to find a new job. Whether you’re out of a job or someone who doesn’t want to waste their time, the ideas in this article will give you some good pointers on how to find your next one.


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