3 Care Tips to Keep Your Colored Hair Looking Beautiful

Colored hair can be beautiful, but not without proper care. Whether you’ve colored your hair at home or gotten it done by a salon, it’s important to use products that will maintain the color and keep your tresses feeling healthy. Check out these three tips to keep your colored hair looking beautiful all year long.

1) Prevent Brassy Hues

If you’re lightening your hair, avoid getting a brassy hue. To prevent that from happening, use a toner before you start coloring your locks. For example, if you’re using a level 7 or higher developer with a golden shade, you can mix and apply a violet-based toner after applying color—this will keep your shade from becoming too yellow or orange. Another way to prevent brassiness is by mixing two parts of hair color with one part of the developer before applying it—this way, even if your color doesn’t take as well as expected (or begins fading quickly), it won’t look terrible because it’s more neutral in tone. There are all sorts of professional products designed to help protect against brassiness; ask your stylist what products they recommend! They also might be able to give you tips on preventing overdevelopment when using high levels of developers.

2) Moisturize Frequently

The hair that’s colored is actually just colored on top of your natural hair. This means it can be dry and frizzy, just like untreated hair. Moisturizing will help keep your color vibrant for longer. We recommend using a lightweight conditioner after you wash your hair at least twice a week. If you color regularly, you should use one daily as well. When your hair starts looking dull or feels tangly, it’s time to treat! You can also treat yourself before going out by applying a deep-conditioning mask all over. Leave it in for 30 minutes before rinsing out with cold water; hot water tends to close up pores instead of opening them up so you want to let cool water flow through until it feels silky soft. In addition to moisturizing while shampooing and conditioning, there are specific products made for dyed hair. These usually have more concentrated formulas than regular products—don’t feel you need both!

3) Avoid Heat Damage

Heat styling tools like curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers can strip color from your hair, causing it to fade more quickly. If you must use a heat tool on your hair, make sure you’re using one with a lower temperature setting so you don’t cook your tresses. Be sure not to go back over any sections that are already dry; doing so will damage them and cause them to fade faster. It’s also important to protect your hair before it’s exposed to heat. Before using an iron or blow dryer, always apply a lightweight serum or argan oil first. Use a hydrating mask once or twice per week as well since both of these products provide antioxidants which will help protect your strands from drying out and becoming brittle (and in turn, helps prevent fading). Finally, add in some moisture when you shampoo by lathering up every couple of days with a deep-conditioning mask. This treatment helps restore moisture balance within each strand, returning health and shine while helping replenish much-needed proteins—allowing for better elasticity which leaves less breakage when brushing out those curls.



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