21 Iraqis on their way to UK detained by German police after crossing border illegally from Poland — RT World News

Police in Germany’s north-eastern region of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania have detained 21 Iraqi nationals, after they crossed illegally into the country from neighbouring Poland, federal law enforcement said on Tuesday.

Local residents tipped off authorities that they believed the Iraqis had been secretly transported to Germany using multiple vehicles. They named the UK their destination.

German police also arrested an alleged smuggler trying to transport 31 more Iraqi migrants over the weekend. also available
Border between Germany & Poland could COLLAPSE amid rise in refugees from Middle East crossing through Belarus, Berlin police warn

In recent months, thousands of migrants – mostly Iraqis, Syrians and Iranians – have managed to cross over from Belarus into Poland and make their way to Germany. In October alone, the German Federal police said they’d intercepted 4,246 illegal migrants, who authorities believe arrived via Belarus.

Bild am Sonntag reported that Interior Minister Horst Seehofer stated that he is ready to send additional guard reinforcements at the Polish border. This was a threat to German Federal Police’s description of the situation as “a terrorist attack.” “hotspot”Illegal crossings

In the EU, ever increasing numbers of migrants started to pour in from Belarus, as Alexander Lukashenko (the country’s leader) announced late May that it would allow migrants to cross into EU countries from Belarus. This was after Brussels had placed crippling sanctions against Minsk. also available
‘Head of a state-run smuggling ring’: German FM Maas slams Belarus’ Lukashenko as migrant situation on EU border deteriorates

Lukashenko is accused of using migrants to intimidate Europe and refusing to meet with the EU. Authorities in Minsk, in turn, claim they simply do not have the resources to effectively manage the border as the West’s sweeping sanctions are adversely affecting Belarus’ economy.

Amnesty International is concerned about what it calls the brutal treatment of migrants in Poland by police and the Polish military. According to the NGO, Polish security forces used brutal force multiple times in an attempt to push migrants into Belarusian territory. This violated their rights.

There are unknown numbers of migrants still living between border guards in Poland and Belarus. Polish authorities declared an emergency on the border in September. This prevented journalists and humanitarian organizations from accessing the migrants. Eight migrant deaths were reported so far. The latest was that of a young Syrian man, aged 19, who died trying to cross a stream last week.

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