12 major US cities broke murder records in 2021 – senator — Analysis

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Republican), revealed that twelve major American cities saw record-setting homicide rates in 2021 during a Republican press conference. The senator blamed “We are gentle with crime” Democratic leaders, noting all 12 cities were run by party members.

This country is seeing an increase in crime,” Cruz warned, pointing out that not only were murder rates on the rise but assaults and carjackings are also through the roof. The crime spike, he said, is a “Direct result of Democrats’ soft on crime policies

Twelve cities were named by the Republican politician: Philadelphia, Austin and Portland, Indianapolis. Toledo, St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. Staples. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. St. Paul. Albuquerque. Louisville. Tucson. Columbus. Los Angeles and New York are just a few of the Democrat-run places that have had their murder rates increase, although their 2021 totals were lower than all-time records.

Two months after the breaking news regarding record murder rates, both sides have re-emerged the story in an effort to win voters at the 2022 midterm elections. Both parties blame their respective counterparts on the left for the high crime rates which are becoming impossible to ignore among large American cities. 

Cruz also took aim at President Joe Biden’s selection for US Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, calling Rachael Rollins an “incredibly soft-on-crime Soros DA” and accusing her of “Effectively, it was abolished[ing]By telling her that she would not prosecute drugs crimes, the police,” resisting arrest, or trespassing. 

Philadelphia sets all-time murder record

Cruz attempted to stop Rollins’ confirmation last year by joining Tom Cotton (Arkansas), a fellow Republican. This first delay led to Rollins being unable to vote, and then the whole Senate was forced to consider the matter. Rollins took the unusual step of striking back at her detractors, insisting she was “pro-justice,” not pro-lawlessness, and arguing those who commit minor offenses shouldn’t have their lives derailed by a permanent record. 

However, Cruz’s story did not convince everyone. Many responded by citing higher levels of gun deaths (which include suicides and accidents as well as homicides) in Republican-run states, or pointing out that large cities inevitably skewed Democratic and that correlation did not equal causation.

Following George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of a Minneapolis cop officer, and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests in the US, prominent Democrats agreed to support the radicalist protesters’ attempts to cut funding for police departments. However, some cities that tried that approach, Minneapolis included, quickly reversed it – but not before being punished in the 2020 election by voters. The ‘defund the police’ movement was directly responsible for Democrats’ down-ballot failures, according to party strategist James Carville.

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