Сonsumers can now order cannabis via Uber Eats app — Analysis

Ontario residents now have an option to click and collect marijuana orders via Uber Eats. The partnership between the Uber Eats food delivery company and a legal cannabis retailer has allowed them to do so.

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Orders from Tokyo Smoke’s unique accessory and flower collections can be placed on Uber Eats. Customers then have the option to pick up the order at respective Tokyo Smoke locations.” the companies said in a statement announcing the partnership, which is the first of its kind.

The promise is that your order will be available within one hour. To place an order, you must first confirm your legal age. Tokyo Smoke has 56 locations in Ontario and 13 in Toronto, with Katz Group as its master franchisor.

Uber Eats, Tokyo Smoke, and Tokyo Smoke emphasize that they will work together to fight illegal marijuana sales, which according to government statistics account for more than 40% of all cannabis non-medical sales in Canada.

Uber Eats also offers other services.

Uber Eats and other options such as Uber Eats will be able to reduce impaired driving in Canada when cannabis laws are amended to allow delivery.,” reads the statement.

Public First, a UK-based consultancy company has found that nearly 14% of marijuana users drove a vehicle within 2 hours after consuming the drug.

Ontario’s authorities allowed delivery and pickup of cannabis during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although legislation to permanentize this program was introduced in October, it has yet to be passed.

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