2004   Exclusives by Month
September 2004

Monday September 13, 2004
- Homosexual Activists in Vermont Are Not Satisfied with Civil Unions
- Be Sure to Vote Tomorrow: Very Light Turnout Expected, Every Vote is Crucial
-  We were amoung the many who collected signatures for the Marriage Amendment
- Article 8 Update
- Primary Update

Friday September 10, 2004
Does Your Maker Want You to Read this Book?
Article 8 Udpate

Thursday September 9, 2004
Why Has New York Times Pushed Gay Marriage in Massachusetts So Frantically?

Wednesday September 8, 2004
Press Release Prepared for Nationwide Distribution about “Libel by New York Times”
Article 8 Udpate

Tuesday September 7, 2004
MassNews Returns to High Gear

Tuesday September 2, 2004
Article 8 Update
  October 2004

July 2004

Friday July 30, 2004
Freedom of Speech under Massachusetts Democrats --
Boston 2004

Leader of “Traditional Values Coalition” Is Latest to be Banished by James Dobson

Thursday July 29, 2004
Beacon Hill Institute Says Herald Is Attempting to Destroy Its Reputation
Should One Person Really Be Deciding How $2 Billion Will Be Spent on Massachusetts Schools?
Josh Friedes Will Help Kerry Keep Homosexual Marriage Quiet During Campaign
Cheryl Jacques Addresses Democrats

Wednesday July 28, 2004
Ultra-Feminist Courts of Margaret Marshall Are Damaging Children by Attacking Their Fathers says a new study
New York Times Admits It Is “Cheerleading” for Gay Marriage
Letter to Speaker Finneran

Tuesday July 27, 2004
Will Catholic Church Finally Help Its Own Remove Homosexual Marriage?
Ritz Carlton, Copley Place, Westin Hotels Seek Their Profits from Homosexual “Marriage”
SJC will be Picketed until Rogue Judges Are Removed
More State Money, Smaller Classes Have Failed to Improve Massachusetts Schools; Wasting $2 Billion per Year
Voters Will React at the Ballot Box against Democratic Leadership; The New Revolution in Massachusetts

Monday July 26, 2004
Democratic Leaders Will Violate Constitution Again in 2004 --- in Order to Impose “Gay Marriage”
What Is Occurring with Lobbyist for Catholic Church?
It’s About Corruption in our Highest Court
Must React at the Ballot Box
Demonstratos "Caged" at Battle of Lexington
Letter: Massachusetts needs Arnold

Thursday July 22, 2004
MCM Message Flys Again
Lesbians in Florida Seek to Have Massachusetts “Marriage” Recognized Across Nation; Vote in Mass. Legislature this Week Is Crucial
Mass. Voters Will Get an Honest Report on their Reps

Wednesday July 21, 2004
Goguen and Travis Working for Signed Letter from 80 Reps
What to Do About Federal Protection of Marriage
Ed Pawlick's Response to E-mail that says he's Hard and Past it.

Tuesday July 20, 2004
Tie Vote on Homosexual Marriage!
Fathers rights before gay rights
Is Boston Globe Ashamed of Its Reporters; Why Won’t They Disclose Background of Anne Kornblut?
Many Still Wonder About Gerry D’Avolio’s Advice to Catholic Church

Monday July 19, 2004
Democratic Leaders Still Push “Gay Marriage” even though Marshall’s Court Enacted It Illegally
Why Is Gerry D’Avolio Advising Catholic Church to Stick with Speaker Finneran?

Friday July 16, 2004
Energetic Protestors In Speaker Finneran’s Neighborhood
Rep. Travis Joins Emile Goguen on Radio Ads

Thursday July 15, 2004
Democrats who Need to Understand
Federal Marriage Amendment Is Over, Now Let’s Help Reps. Goguen and Travis End “Gay Marriage” in Massachusetts

Wednesday July 14, 2004
Justice Marshall Indicted for Fraud; Conspired to Rule for Homosexual Marriage

Tuesday July 13, 2004
Will Mass. Democrats Continue their Suicidal Campaign for “Gay Marriage” in 2004 as They Did in 2002?
Tell These Democratic Leaders They’re Committing Suicide
Only Two Weeks Left, Crucial Days Ahead

Monday July 12, 2004
Are We a Colony of New York City?
This Article Explains the Federal Marriage Amendment Simply and Clearly

Friday July 9, 2004
Banner Flies Over State House
Marshall Promotes Ultra-Feminist Agenda
We Battled for Independence from Great Britain in 1776; We’re Not Going Back

ACLU Comes Out-of-the-Closet on Homosexual “Marriage”
Keep the Pressure on Marshall and Finneran
Marshall Calls Police to Chase Demonstrators at Office
Swedish Pastor Sentenced to Month in Prison for Preaching Against Homosexuality

Thursday July 8, 2004
Could your kids be given to 'gay' parents?
Terry McAuliffe, Democratic National Chairman, Cautioned About Finneran’s Illegal Conduct

Tuesday July 6, 2004
Airplane Banner Delights Bathers on Cape Cod; But Not Speaker
Judge Marshall Appears to Suffer
from Stress

Friday July 2, 2004
No Doubt -- Speaker Finneran Is Responsible for Failure to Vote on “Removal” of Judges

WBZ Will Air 12 Advertisements Over Weekend About Speaker Finneran’s Failure to Allow a Vote; Two New Ads Debut Tomorrow and Sunday

Thursday July 1, 2004
Mr. Speaker: Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman, Especially Sally Pawlick
Reps Have Little Knowledge about Removal of Judges
  August 2004

Monday August 30, 2004
Article 8 Update
Stephen Baskerville speaks with the Women's Freedom Network

Wednesday August 25, 2004
Kerry Campaign Backtracks on First Purple Heart Award

Tuesday August 24, 2004
Alan Keyes Is Remembered Fondly for Helping in Massachusetts When No One Else Would Be Bothered
Attorney Barbara Johnson Receives Telephone Call from Wilbur Streett's 18-Year-Old Daughter

Monday August 23, 2004
Article 8 Update

Monday August 16, 2004
Publisher/Editor Takes Two-Week Sojourn

Friday August 13, 2004
Readers Still Grappling with News that $54 Million Was Given to GLAD and Others from One Donor; No Wonder Democratic Leaders Are Jumping Through Hoops; National Family Groups Have Nothing Comparable
Citizens Agree with Us
Our Senator, John Kerry, Voted Against DOMA Even Though Mail Was 10-1 in Favor

Thursday August 12, 2004
Donor of More than $54 Million to be Honored by GLAD
National Review’s Kurtz Is Solid on Opposing Gay Marriage, but Forgets One Thing
National Review Appears to Follow Along with Kristol
Does Weekly Standard Favor Abortion and Gay Marriage; Is Bill Kristol or Fred Barnes in Charge?

Wednesday August 11, 2004
Globe Columnist Scott Lehigh Agrees with Us on Teenage Sex?
Margaret Marshall Strikes Again – Releasing Criminals If Not Provided a Lawyer in Seven Days
In Our Enthusiasm for Missouri’s Vote Against Gay Marriage, We Can’t Forget that Mass. Did the Same in 2002 until John Kerry Illegally Scuttled It

Tuesday August 10, 2004
Boston Globe Concerned About Fallout from Gay Marriage
Liberals Are Frightened of Alan Keyes
More Puzzlement About “Focus on the Family” Involvement in Ohio

Monday August 9, 2004
11 Million People in Ohio
Dennis Prager Wants Five Minutes at Republican Convention to Talk to Fellow Jews
Alan Keyes Is Fighting Liberal Press

Friday August 6, 2004
Focus on Family Not Involved in Ohio Win
Will Catholic Hierarchy Abandon the Fight Despite the Pope’s Urging?

Thursday August 5, 2004
Alan Solomont Is Clearly a Player among the Bosses Ordering Speaker Finneran
Federal Appeals Court Will Hear Busing Case Today
Ohio Amendment Marriage Amendment Will Have “Teeth”

Wednesday August 4, 2004
Why Are Speaker Finneran, Alan Solomont and Other Democratic Leaders Forcing Sex upon the Youth of Massachusetts?
Press Release about Our Poll, Issued on December 28, 1999, Ignored by All Media Except Boston Herald

Tuesday August 3, 2004
Is Speaker Finneran Taking His Orders from Alan Solomont?

Monday August 2, 2004
Slaughter of Baby Lambs by Wild Animals in Massachusetts Astounds Visiting New Zealanders
Congressman John Tierney Writes that Margaret Marshall Was Correct
Boston Globe Survey Shows Most DNC Delegates on the Fringe

May 2004

Wednesday May 26, 2004
It Doesn't Take My Training as an M.D. to Recognize that the Essence of Marriage Is Reflected in the Neat Division of Mankind into Male and Female

Monday May 24, 2004
No One Seems to Care that Many Homosexuals Not Married
People in Lowell want to Hide
Sally Pawlick Sees Progress
Washington Post Is Nervous about Impending Removal of Judges

Friday May 21, 2004
Bill of Address to Oust Judges Gets More Support
Romney to be Honored by N.J. Republicans as “Responsible Republican Leadership”; He is Seeking National Office
Senate Won’t Report Vote of Members on Repealing 1913 Law

Thursday, May 20, 2004
What Gay Marriage Really Means For America
Were Homosexuals Misled by the Courts on May 17?
Many Out-of-State Gays Married in Mass

Tuesday May 18, 2004
Over 150 Demonstrate at City Hall

A Clear Minded Analysis of What Romney Could Have Done

Monday May 17, 2004
Over 400 Packed Faneuil Hall Last Friday
Will Continue Working to Remove Four Judges

Boston Globe Propagandized Yesterday about “Civil Rights”
Homosexual “Marriage” Was Bipartisan
Globe Propagandized Heavily with Human Interest Stories
Headline about U.S. Supreme Court Was Laughable
Lawyers Van Norstrand and Landers Honored for “Combating Discrimination” Against Homosexuals

Friday May 14, 2004
Gov. Romney Invites “Gay” Teenagers to Copley Square Tomorrow

Thursday May 13, 2004
Unitarians Featured as “Leading Religious Voice” for Homosexual Marriage; How Do They Define “Religious”?
Unitarians Confused about “Religion,” as well as “Marriage”
Homosexuality and Sadomasicism at Core of Iraq Prison Scandal
Ouster of Margaret Marshall Heats Up

Wednesday May 12, 2004
Please Call Speaker Finneran Now
Judges Hide Behind “Civil Rights”
News Analysis
Support for Article 8 Grows

Tuesday May 11, 2004
Most of The Lawbreakers Who Spat on Our Democracy in 2002 Are Still on Beacon Hill

Monday May 10, 2004
“Damage Control” by Judge Marshall Doesn’t Work
Homosexual Professor Argues Against Masculinity
Judge Marshall Goes to Smith College on Wednesday Seeking Lesbian Support -
Our Courts under Judge Marshall Are “Mired in Confusion” 

Rep. Emile Goguen Has Mother’s Day Breakfast with Grandchildren
Government asked to approve trademark of 'FCUK'
New York Group Promotes Homosexual Youth Parade in Boston
Why Some Lawyers Are Afraid

Friday May 7, 2004
Alan Keyes Writes about “Libel by New York Times” by Atty. Ed Pawlick

Thursday May 6, 2004
Is Mutual Masturbation a Civil Right?
Will Children Be Injured by Word, “Masturbation?

Wednesday May 5, 2004
Hundreds of Homosexuals Confuse Cape Cod Times
Margaret Marshall May Be Ready to Plea Bargain
MetroWest News Writes Fair Story about Postcard

Tuesday May 4, 2004
Must We Use the Word “Masturbation?” 
Alan Keyes on “Hannity & Colmes” about Effect of Homosexual “Marriage” on Presidential Election
Monday May 3, 2004
Must We Use the Word “Masturbation?”
Judge Marshall Seeks Personal Gain and Fame; Is Not Helping Homosexuals

June 2004

Wednesday June 30, 2004
Speaker Finneran Conspiring to Kill Goguen’s Resolution?

Tuesday June 29, 2004
Channel 7 Reports that a Vote May Happen Today or Tomorrow

Monday June 28, 2004
Lawyers of Massachusetts: Shame on You!
Speaker Finneran: Don’t Underestimate the People (or My Wife)
Must Women Have “Sex” in Order to be Lesbians?

Friday June 25, 2004
Democratic Leaders in House Tell Conflicting Stories
“Removal” Is Going Nationwide

Thursday June 24, 2004
Speaker Finneran: We Demand a Vote Next Week!
Charges Against Marshall and Three Judges Are “Cooking the Books”
Marshall Was Politician upon Arrival from South Africa
Judges Greaney, Ireland and Cowin Will All Receive Handsome Retirement if They Resign

Tuesday June 22, 2004
How Will Marshall Defend Herself?

Monday June 21, 2004
Speaker Finneran Is Responsible for Slowing Vote on “Removal” of Judge Marshall
Money Flowing into Mas
sachusetts from Homosexual Circles “Around the World” Is Staggering
Gov. Romney Also Has Problems
Kerry Must Act on Charge that Judge Marshall Assured Homosexual Attorney She Would Win Lawsuit about Marriage
Concern Over Effort to Lower Age-of-Consent for Teenagers
Bill in Congress Would Protect Churches from IRS
Plymouth Tricked Into Fighting State Law Which Forbids Marriage to Out-of-Staters

Friday June 18, 2004
Illegal Tactics in House Recall Terrible
Memories of 2002
Lawmakers Get Special Father’s Day Greeting
Money Flowing into Massachusetts from Homosexual Circles “Around the World” Is Staggering
Brockton's Republican Committee Salutes New Liberal Vice Chair of State Committee
U.S. Senate to Vote on Federal Marriage Amendment on July 15

Thursday June 17, 2004

Did Rules Commitee Finally Vote?
Article 8 sets record straight on "vote"
Ted Kennedy's "Hate Crime" bill passes

Wednesday June 16, 2004
Why Has Bishop O'Malley Abandoned the Fight?

Tuesday June 15, 2004
Is Margaret Marshall using "civil rights" to advance her own career?

Dr. John Diggs in Needham Tonight
Homosexual “Marriages” Slow to a Trickle

Monday June 14, 2004
Is Mary Bonatuo Enshrining her Name?
Boston Globe Leads with Gay Parade

Friday June 11, 2004
Mass Group Says U.S. fathers on Brink of Civil Disobedience; International protest Movement Sweeps Out from England
Why John Greaney Must Resign

Wednesday June 9, 2004
Marshall was Required to Excuse Self
Radio Ads Running on WBZ, WROL, WEZE
Article 8 Update: 6-9-2004

Monday June 7, 2004
Margaret Marshall Must Resign
Alan Keyes Writes about “Libel by New York Times” by Atty. Ed Pawlick

Friday June 4, 2004
Barney Frank Issues Press Release
Editorial: Problem is Corruption
Article 8 Update: We are Winning
Letters to Editor 6-4-2004
Lawyers Weekly Reports on "Removal"

Thursday, June 3, 2004
Article 8 Getting to the Bottom of the Dimasi Mess

Wednesday June 2, 2004
The Union "Mob" Attack Upon Tim Duncan
Dimasi Agrees to Meet with Constituents

Letter to the editor for Dr. Diggs

Tuesday June 1, 2004
100 Union Thugs Terrorize Opponent of Therese Murray in Plymouth
Indictment of Margaret Marshall and Associates
Removal Will Not Be a Surprise.
What Is "Removal" of Judges?

March 2004

Monday March 1, 2004
The Pursuit of Lawlessness -
While you were out

Tuesday March 2, 2004
Is Marriage a Civil Right?

Wednesday March 3, 2004
Indisputable, Undeniable Facts Prove that The New York Times Company Interfered in Process of Democratic Government in Mass.

Thursday March 4, 2004
President of Women's Bar Causes Atty. Pawlick to Shake His Head in Disbelief
Why do women want gay marriage?

Friday March 5, 2004
The Ultimate Question in Homosexual Marriage -
Sulzbergers and Jewishness

Friday March 12, 2004
Remove Margaret Marshall before May 17!
Opponents of Gay Marriage Must Make Bold Moves

Wednesday March 17, 2004
Dobson Replaces Rios

Thursday March 18, 2004
Termination of Sandy Rios was Not Our Story

Monday March 22, 2004
Brian Lees Must Go!

Tuesday March 23, 2004
Vive La Difference

Wednesday March 24, 2004
The Final Triumph of the Sexual Revolution

Thursday March 25, 2004
Radical Feminist Donovan

Monday March 29, 2004
Removing Marshall will heal Massachusetts

Tuesday March 30, 2004
The Silver Lining in Yesterday's Vote

April 2004

Thursday April 1, 2004
Mass. Senator Should Reprimand Chief Of Staff Over Vulgar Comments Made Against Traditional Values Coalition
April Sightings

Tuesday April 6, 2004
Dissenting Opinion of Justice Martha B. Sosman
Reasons to Remove Justice Margaret Marshall as Stated by Justice Martha Sosman

Monday April 12, 2004
Justice Margaret Marshall Is Rushing Her Ruling Because She Wants to Hide Its Full Implications, Says Justice Martha Sosman

Tuesday April 13, 2004
Boston Globe Is Digging “Dirt” on Atty. Ed Pawlick

Wednesday April 20, 2004
Atty. Pawlick Warned Margaret Marshall in May 2003 of a “Seismic Revolution” if She Imposed Homosexual “Marriage

Friday April 23, 2004
Justice Marshall Appeared at Homosexual Group in 1999

Monday April 26, 2004
Removal of Margaret Marshall Was Top Story on WorldNetDaily on Saturday

Tuesday April 27, 2004

Govenor will sign to remove Marshall
Pinch Sulzberger blames readers for Jason Blair scandal at NY Times

Friday April 30, 2004
Ron Crews Expects to Run for Congress

January 2004

Monday January 5, 2004
Massachusetts Predictions for 2004

Pinch Sulzberger Begins His Reaction to MassNews and Atty. Pawlick's New Book

Tuesday January 6, 2004

"Focus on the Family" Continues to Use Gay Marriage in Massachusetts as a Means of Making Money

Wednesday January 7, 2004
The Only Group That Has Been Continuously Fighting Gay Marriage in Massachusetts Is Mass. Citizens for Marriage

Thursday January 8, 2004
Citizens Will Demand Today that the Legislature Defy Marshall's Order on Gay Marriage
Dean Still Believes in "Gay Gene"
Citizens Will Demand on Friday that the Legislature Defy Marshall's Order on Gay Marriage

Monday January 12, 2004
Gay Marriage Case Is a Nullity, SJC Is Advised in Amicus Brief
The Following is the Civil Union Bill for which Senate President Travaglini Is Seeking Permission for the Massachusetts Senate to Pass.
Illinois Affiliate of Focus on the Family Backs "Strong" Marriage Amendment in that State

Friday January 16, 2004
Someone at "Focus on the Family" Is Agreeing With Us!

Monday January 19, 2004

Focus on Family Is "Wonderful", Two-Ton Gorilla that Is Raising Havoc in Its Effort to Stop Gay Marriage in Massachusetts and the Nation

Tuesday January 27, 2004
Brian Camenker to meet with Massachusetts Senate President Robert Travaglini Today
Brian Camenker Meets With Senate President
Focus on the Family Blames Pres. Bush for Its Mistake

Thursday January 29, 2004

Large Crowds Are Valuable at Marriage Amendment Rallies,
Even Though We Doubt Wisdom of the Soft Amendment

Debate between Rev. Rankin and Arline Isaacson at Smith College

February 2004

Monday February 2, 2004
Globe/Times Hopes to Ignore Book by Atty. Pawlick, Wishes It Will Quietly Disappear; If Forced to Confront It, they Will Classify It as Internet "Conspiracy" Hysteria
Democrats Committing Suicide over Marriage Fate of Birmingham and O'Brien Is Forgotten; But Republicans Are Also Stumbling on Issue
This is the full text of the 12-pages of Margaret Marshall's opinion in the gay marriage case plus the 22 pages of the other judges opinion

Thursday February 5, 2004

Outrage at Margaret Marshall and N.Y. Times Will Increase Dramatically

What Do the Marshalls Say at Breakfast?

Friday February 6, 2004
Speaker Finneran Has Not Given Up

Monday February 9, 2004

An Open Letter to the Superintendent and Administators of the Amherst/Pelham Regional High School and to Educators and Parents Throughout the Valley

Tuesday February 10, 2004
Pinch Sulzberger Dominates Gay Marriage Debate with his New York Times and Boston Globe Newspapers

Wednesday February 11, 2004

Margaret Marshall Was Warned about Citizen Outrage

What Was It Like to Tell Six Judges of the Supreme Court that They  Are Breaking the Law?
Margaret Marshall Knew an Ethics Complaint Had Been Filed Against Her by Atty. Pawlick

Thursday February 12, 2004
Why Did Sen. Kerry Allow Constitution to be Violated, Is That Showing Leadership? -

Friday February 13, 2004

Amherst High School Was Rebuked Monday Night on O'Reilly Show

Monday February 16, 2004
Gay Lawyer Responds to Pawlick's Letter to "Lawyers Weekly"

Which Reps and Senators Voted to Adjourn on July 17, 2002 Without Voting on the Marriage Amendment?

Wednesday February 18, 2004
Demonstration Today Outside Supreme Judicial Court Offices

Demonstration Today Outside Supreme Judicial Court Offices

Thursday February 19, 2004
SJC Upholds Cover-Up of Due Process Violations by Family Court Judge

Monday February 23, 2004
Citizens Picket Offices of Supreme Judicial Court; Want Margaret Marshall Removed
Porn with Students at Harvard

Why Mass. Conservatives Must Never Trust Boston 's Federal Judges
Massachusetts Parents Opposed by Planned Parenthood and Allies in Boston 

Tuesday February 24, 2004

Reader Does Own Poll of Reps

Wednesday February 25, 2004
Legislature should let the People Decide Marriage Issue
Gay Editor Questions "Sighting" About Molestation
Help Remove the Judges

Thursday February 26, 2004
Will 'Focus on Family' Push Pres. Bush and Massachusetts into Civil Unions, the Same as California ?
Washington Insider Tells What We Must Do
Article 8 Alliance” Plans to 'Remove the Judges'

December 2003

Manipulated Court Records, Doctored tapes and Coverups in the Court Systems
Pinch Sulzberger's Boston Globe Continues to Plot Gay Marriage
John Diggs, M.D., Opposes MFI's Amendment Scheduled for Feb. 11
"One Newton Parent is Urging All Parents to be Aware of Their Schools."
Globe's Ombudsman Provides "Humor" About Marriage
Will the "Soft" Marriage Amendment Do the Job? It's Supposedly Up for a Vote on February 11, 2004; Or Do We Need Last Year's Stronger Amendment?
Michael Dukakis and John Kerry Were Disturbed in 2002 when Our Democracy Was Spit Upon by the Legislature, and by Margaret Marshall and Pinch Sulzberger; Marshall's Conscience Is Bothered Every Time She Sees the Pawlicks Because She Knows She Did Wrong
Should We Just Ignore Margaret Marshall?
What Have Mass. Citizens for Marriage and the Pawlicks Been Doing Since July 17, 2002?
What happened to the petition I signed for the marriage amendment?
Is Dr. Dobson Aware What Focus on the Family Is Doing in Massachusetts In His Name?
Focus Has Lost Support in Washington

October 2003

Catholic Church Resists Pressure as Globe Distorts In Favor of Gay Marriage

September 2003

Massachusetts Parents Opposed by Planned Parenthood and Allies in Boston
Delay of Marriage Decision by SJC Becomes More Puzzling
Member of Peterson Family Thanks the Massachusetts News for Reporting the Truth About DSS

August 2003

Will Family Activists Evaluate Dr. Dobson As Objectively As Gays Do "Human Rights Campaign"?
CWA Opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment
No Organization Can Fight This Huge Political Battle If It's Doing So 'Part Time'
Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Signing of the Armistice

July 2003

Margaret Marshall Is Having Troubles with Gay Marriage; Vermont's Decision Violated U.S. Constitution
Why Is the SJC Taking So Long to Decide about Marriage?
Most People Believe Sarah McVay Pawlick Is Wasting Her Time Appealing to the Courts
SJC Still Has Not Ruled on 'Protection of Marriage' Amendment
Lawsuit for Libel Against New York Times Company by Sponsors of Marriage Amendment Is Moving Forward
Marriage Amendment: The Law vs. Public Opinion?

June 2003

DSS Also Culpable in the Murder of Social Worker on Cape Cod
Presbyterian Church (USA) Rebuffs Homosexual Agenda
Dubious Origins of Sex Education Raises More Concerns
Catholic Parents Object to Sex Ed Program Being Forced on Children of Archdiocese of Boston
State Senator John Kerry with Representatives William Delahunt and James McGovern are in support of transgender rights.

May 2003

Gay Definition of Marriage is Not the Equal of Heterosexual Marriage Facts Show Sexual
Fidelity Not a Part of Gay Unions
Society Needs to Recover Link Between Courage and Chastity, Scholar Tells Harvard Law School

Modern Academics Undermine Their Own Rights, Scholar Tells Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund
Is the Legislature Unable or Unwilling?
4th and Last in Series: Is Mass. Family Institute Helping or Hurting with Its New Amendment about Marriage?
Public Service: An Open Letter to Beacon Hill: A Taxpayer's Lament
3rd in Series: Special Report for Those Who Want to Lower Taxes, Increase Manufacturing Jobs and Squash Big Government
Phyllis Schlafly Lifts the Veil on Feminist Fantasies
Modern Academics Undermine Their Own Rights, Scholar Tells Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund

Sighting: Stonehill College Criticized by Catholic Action League
Abstinence Education An Emerging Trend In Massachusetts?
2nd in Series: What's It Like to Tell Six Judges of the Supreme Court that They Are Breaking the Law?
Opinion: Why Make the Pledge?
Guest Column: Lunatics
Book Review: JFK Remains a Pop Culture Icon Because He Personified the '60s
Making the Wrong Choice Is 'the Worst Feeling in the World'
Blacks Losing Good Jobs Because of The U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964
Ray Flynn Salutes Activists of Mass. 'America First Party'
Mass. Industry Leader Says Manufacturing at Center of Recession
Moldmaker Remains Positive Despite Obstacles
UMass/Amherst Lives Up to its Reputation as 'Zoo Mass'
Reining in Mass. High Business Costs
The Globe Campaigns for Higher Taxes
Extreme Feminists at UMass Have 'Hate Men' Rally to Keep Money Flowing to Rape Crisis Centers
Expert Says Canadians Profit Most From NAFTA
National Crisis Affects Mass.
Massachusetts Needs To Preserve Its Industrial Base

April 2003

Police Chief Scott Disappointed by Beacon Hill Hearing
Shuster's Letter Exposes 'Free Trade'
Losing Good Jobs in Massachusetts
Education Secretary Speaks at Harvard
Drugging Of Children By DSS Protested At Statehouse
Sighting: Globe Puts Anti-Bush
Editorial on Page One

Panel Rejects Marshall's 'Spin' on Report About Her Lack of Leadership
Finneran Outlines Plan To Stimulate Job Growth
Sighting: Homosexual Activist Group Gave $173,000 to Republicans
GOP is 'Wave of the Future' in Minority Communities, Harvard Alumnus Tells Students
Disarming Parents of Elementary Students About Homosexuality
Pro-America Rallies Continue in Small Town Massachusetts
Violent Reactions to Pro-Life Exhibit at UMass/Amherst
Teaching Kindergarten Kids About 'Human Differences' and Homosexuality Isn't 'Easy' in Newton
Fathers Protest Training Session for Family Court 'Guardians'
40 Antiwar Activists Confronted by 40 'Support Our Troops' Persons at Historic Amherst Common
Pat Robertson Speaks on Israel to Appreciative Audience at Framingham Temple
Parents Are Well Equipped To Protect Kids From STD Epidemic
Lawsuit for Libel Filed Against New York Times Company by Sponsors of Protection of Marriage Amendment
Mothers of Troops from Townsend Provide Aid and Comfort
Fathers Protest Judges Abandoning Their Role to 'Experts'
'English for the Children' Was 'David v. Goliath' Victory
Massachusetts Has More Lifetime Politicians Than Any Other
Sighting: Globe Ombudsman Admits 'Poll' on Gay Marriage Was 'Problematic'
What a Difference Ten Days Makes!
Globe Worried About Chief Justice Marshall And Gay Marriage Lawsuit
BHB Extra: Cheryl Jacques' Bill for 'Ballistic Fingerprinting' of Guns Is Worst
Sighting: Sears Is Especially Supportive of Troops
You Can Stop Telemarketers From Calling
Sighting: Mass. Tax Revenue Was $9.37 Billion in 1990
Times/Globe Wants More Troops to Die
More Are Concerned about Our 'Broken' Courts
Traditional Episcopalian Church Meets at Harvard
Opinion: School Dollars at Work in Newton
Sighting: 'The New York Times Company' Owns the Globe and the Red Sox ???
Passionate Testimony on Gambling-From Both Sides
Sisk Wants To Be an Independent Voice in the State House
Religious Teacher at Northfield Mount Hermon Tells How to Lure Students into Homosexual Events
Sighting: More on Yesterday's Story that Times/Globe Is Recreating the 'Vietnam Syndrome

March 2003

Sighting: NYTimes/Globe Seems Determined to Harm U.S. Troops
Sighting: Barney Frank Opposes Pledge of Allegiance
Panel Discusses Safety Net for Students Who Fail MCAS and Don't Graduate
Mass. Courts Need 'Sweeping Changes,' Says Prestigious Panel
Marshall Obsessed With Feminism
Christian Students Happy at Winning Case in Westfield High
BHB Extra: Romney Budget Proposal Has People Involved
Supreme Court Planning New Type of 'Relationship' to Replace 'Failed' Institution of Marriage
Ethics Complaint Could Remove Marshall from Gay Marriage Cases
Hundreds Rally on Needham Town Common to Support U.S. Troops
Sighting: NYTimes/Globe Continues to Endanger U.S. Troops
Not Enough Gossip, or Republicans, in Boston, Liberal Journalists Say
Focus Changed at Fistgate This Year; Less Raw Sex
Complaint Filed Against Chief Justice Margaret Marshall About Her 'Judicial Conduct'
Publisher's Notebook: Remember When Mothers Allowed Girls to Go for a Walk?
Harvard Students Protest France
Sighting: Globe Threatens Lives of U.S. Troops, As In Vietnam
News Analysis: Scott Ritter: Former U.N. Weapons Inspector and 'Talking Head' Pedophile Talks at Wellesley
How Do Blacks Feel Being Compared to Homosexuals?
Do All Gays Believe They Have to Stay That Way?
SJC's Colloquy with Attorney Bonauto
Colloquy between MassNews and Julie Goodridge

Boston Globe Gives One-Sided View of Priest Scandal
Boston Housing Crisis Caused by Too Much Government, Harvard Expert Claims
Communism at Harvard
Granting Relief in Marriage Scandal Would Create More Trust in Courts, SJC Is Advised
Transcript of Oral Argument before Single Justice Greaney on Feb. 25, 2003
Editorial: Simple Solution for Our Failing Courts
Media Watch: NYTimes/Boston Globe Continues as 'The Propagandist' for Gay Marriage
American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School
Sighting: Fistgate to be Held Again on March 15
State Courts Are 'Drowning in Confusion
Romney Increases State Spending by $130 Million
Opinion: Wellesley College Lacks the 'Diversity' that Matters: Diversity of Thought
Single Justice Greaney Dismisses Suit about Marriage Amendment without Comment
News Analysis: Ms. Hillary Comes Back to Wellesley

February 2003

A Conservative Course at Harvard
Do Blacks Need Special Help to Survive?
Fathers Can Raise Children of Character
Part III of III: Many Citizens See Serious Problems
Don Feder Enters the Lion's Den
Atty. Pawlick Asks SJC to Send Marriage Amendment to New Legislature
Part II of III: Legislature Divided; Serious Problems Seen
Part I of III: Casino Gambling is 'Hot' This Year
Homosexual Lawyers Still Pummel Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman
Keyes Says Christians Must Act Like Camenker and Whiteman
Parents Angry at Closing of Leominster Day Care by DSS and 'Child Care Services'
Getting a Lesson in Gun Control 101
Local Author Debunks Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Something is Terribly Wrong With Our Child Support System
Law Prof Compares Definition of 'Person' in Roe v. Wade With Court Ruling That a Negro Isn't a 'Person'
Conservative Women Take a Stand at Harvard
SJC Told that Most People Believe Sarah McVay Pawlick Is Wasting
Her Time Appealing to the Courts

National Guard from Hingham Is Going Overseas
MERCYhouse is an Alternative to Religion-Lite
Federal Law Is Expanding MCAS To More Grades
BHB Extra: Some Modest Plans For Eliminating the Budget Crisis
Biography of John Adams Is Reminder of Proud Heritage
House Minority Leader Faces 'Fiscal Crisis'
Gay Advocates Go On Offensive in Legislature'

January 2003

Romney Would Rather Be 'Axeman' Than 'Taxman'
Sidebar: Romney-Healey Field Questions from Local Residents in Leominster
What's Causing Violation of Christian Rights at Westfield High?
Pres. Bush's 'Faith Based Initiative' In Boston Is Exciting -- and Troubling
PART III of III: Massachusetts

Conservatives Express Their Views on Mitt Romney
PART II of III: Massachusetts Conservatives Express Their Views on Mitt Romney
Is $1.30 Prescription Charge A Democratic Tax?
Alan Keyes Addresses Pro-Life Gathering at Faneuil Hall
Sidebar: Don Feder Electrifies Crowd
Sidebar: Pro-Lifers Commemorate 30 Years of Roe vs. Wade
Romney Takes Charge of GOP State Committee
From Dorchester Mailman to Desert Soldier
Can We Really Eliminate the Income Tax?
MassNews Interviews Professor Who Wants to 'Abolish the White Race
News Analysis: All Homosexuals Are Attracted to Opposite Sex, Says Bay Windows
Part II of II: Can Marriage Be Subject to Compromise?
DSS Is Back, Banging on Door of Neil and Heidi Howard
MCAS Debated At Mock Hearing
BHB Extra: Cape Cod Representation
Should Be Decided By Voters

Part I of II: Should MCM Have Tried a 'Softer' Amendment Without 'Domestic Partnerships' Being Mentioned?
Sidebar: Why is Dr. Dobson Splitting Conservatives on Federal Marriage Amendment?
Editorial: Episcopal Bishops Show Absurdity of Saying that Catholic Priests Were Not 'Homosexuals'
Sightings: Mass. Citizens Prominent in Book about Rethinking Pro-Life Strategy
Sightings: Berkshire Fathers Split from State Group
Two Episcopal Bishops of Mass. Violate Vows on Front Page of Boston Globe as They Rebuke Catholic Church and Glorify Homosexuality
'Dad's The Man' Program Helps Young Men Get Vision of Fatherhood
Lawsuit: MCM Moves to 'Watching' Mode
Jurisdiction in Barnstable Election for Rep. is Muddy Matter
Holyoke Police Chief Looking for Signatures to Make Judges Accountable
Sightings: Sen. Susan Fargo Wins Prize for Inaccurate Information
Sightings: Sen. Susan Fargo Follows Feminist Beliefs; Obeys the Law Only If It 'Feels Good'
SJC Asked to Send 'Protection of Marriage' Amendment to New Legislature


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