Margery Eagan Explains Why She Replaced Jeannine Graf at 96.9 FM

Eagan Pimps For Cellucci and Homosexual Activists

March 15, 2001

The new replacement for Jeannine Graf at 96.9FM has shown this morning why that radio station fired Graf and hired her instead.

Margery Eagan has a column in the Boston Herald that tries to paint Brian Camenker as a closet homosexual.

It attempts to salvage the reputation of Gov. Cellucci by saying “everyone, including Cellucci, agrees [Fistgate] went over board.”

But she doesn’t tell us how she knows that because Cellucci has never talked about the scandal in public. He still hasn’t acknowledged that it ever happened.

She tries to make it look as though Camenker is the only person involved here.

Has she read Nev Moore’s letter to her, expressing her extreme disappointment with Eagan’s jocular column about public sex by homosexuals? Has she heard about the Worcester women who tried to see the Governor’s office yesterday to give them the signatures of over 600 people who are concerned about what he is doing in the schools?

Is she going to say that Nev Moore is also a closet homosexual?

Is everyone who disagrees with Ms. Eagan a closet homosexual? Maybe we’re going to have to wonder why Eagan has become so engrossed in this. Should we wonder if she is a homosexual?

Or should we wonder if she is solely out for money? Did she replace Jeannine Graf at 96.9FM because she promised someone at that station that she would take this stance on this issue? Certainly, no one can deny that she and Graf are 100% opposed on the issue.

We just finished re-looking at the tapes of the Alan Keyes rally last August and there is no question that Graf was so outspoken and honest in her speech at that rally that many people, including the Governor, had to take notice and mark her for reprisal.

Well, they’ve gotten their reprisal, courtesy of the folks who run 96.9FM. And Eagan is now a talk show host.

Margery Eagan has told Brian Camenker and the world that he is an “unenlightened bigot” and “you really give me the creeps.” Someone had better tell her that she is not a goddess and very few people care what she thinks.

It is sad that the media establishment in this state cannot discuss any issue without going personal and ballistic.


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