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Fistgate Archive
Your resource for Massachusetts News coverage of the 2000 and 2001 annual GLSEN conferences, their repercussions and related stories

Fistgate Teachers Knew They Were Violating Trust
Did Weld and Cellucci Know? Does Gov. Swift Understand?
MN September 5, 2001

Camenker Vindicated by Reinstatement of Fistgate Teacher 
The woman who taught homosexual sex at Fistgate, Margot Abels, now believes she is a heroine because an arbitrator has reinstated her in her job
MN August 24, 2001

Opposition to Cellucci Nomination Is Widespead 
Archive of MN exclusives and other coverage of Bush's nomination of Cellucci as ambassador 

What Should Gov. Swift Do About Fistgate? 
What should Gov. Swift do about Fistgates I and II? 
MN April 13, 2001

Fistgate II Was Almost Canceled Because of Last Year’s Fallout 
Dept. of Education employee still seeks 'explicit education'
MN April 3, 2001

Homosexual Lawyers Try to Hide What Happened at Fistgate
Case involving 'whistleblower' parents is heading for trial
MN March 30, 2001

Tired of Liberal Rage
Liberals use the word "tolerance" like ketchup -- they put it on top of anything that that might not taste so good by itself, Brian Camenker says in his letter
MN March 30, 2001

Fistgate II Teaches More Sexual Activity for Young ‘Homosexuals’
Held in same building as last year, but this year included more students and sex kit
MN March 26, 2001

Public Hearing on New Parents Rights Bill
Would make homosexual programs 'opt-in,' give parents choice
MN March 26, 2001

Mass. Residents Learn Fraudulent Basis Of Sex-Ed
CWA offers positive blueprint for action
MN March 21, 2001

Margery Eagan Explains Why She Replaced Jeannine Graf at 96.9 FM
Eagan pimps for Cellucci and homosexual activists
MN March 15, 2001

Eagan's column:
Unenlightened bigot taking aim at Cellucci
Boston Herald

MI: To Avoid Lawsuit, Schools Agree Not to Promote Homosexual Agenda or Enforce Unconstitutional Speech Code
Traverse City schools agree not to prohibit students from expressing disapproval of homosexuality in exchange for delay in legal action
American Family Association PR March 14, 2001

Media Watch
‘Justice for Families’ Challenges Herald Columnist for Laughing at Public Sex
Columnist also calls Brian Camenker 'over-vigilant' for being concerned about 'fistgate'
March 6, 2001

Letter About Fistgate Circulates at Inauguration
What is wrong in Massachusetts?
January 23, 2001 

Fistgate Instructor Was Paid by State
Says she received approval from supervisor, DOE's John Bynoe; DOE denies prior knowledge
January 23, 2001 

Pro-abortion Bill Baird and Pro-life's Joe Reilly Both Praise Jeannine Graf 
Say her departure would be a loss to the community
January 16, 2001

Jeannine Graf Fired for Exposing Fistgate
Popular talk show host is punished by 96.9FM-WTKK
January 9, 2001

Boston Globe began the smear
Many upset about firing of Jeannine Graf
Ray Neary is troubled
Jeannine Graf fired because of Civil Rights Act


Veteran Teacher Traumatized at Fistgate
Keeping children out of sex-ed doesn't guarantee safety, says teacher
December 2000

Angry Parents Clash with Superintendent Over Indoctrination of Children
Homosexuality in tolerance unit is cancelled in Acushnet
October 2000

Only Gays Come to Unitarian Meeting About Acushnet
About 50 people -- mostly gay activists and Unitarian supporters -- attend
October 2000

Another Lesbian Uses Holocaust to Advance Homosexuality in Middle School
'Set stage' for public 'coming out' with holocaust story
October 2000

Judge van Gestel Assaulted the First Amendment
Leading liberal columnist Nat Hentoff expresses his outrage
October 2000

Brian Camenker Receives Award for Exposing Fistgate Scandal
Honored at Washington, D.C., banquet
October 2000

Alan Keyes Electrifies Fistgate Rally
Former Ambassador to the UN expressed outrage about the homosexual activism against children in our schools
September 2000

Lexington Parents Take Interest in Wake of Fistgate
Concern about schools co-sponsoring a homosexual weekend
September 2000

Doctor Gives Affidavit In Fistgate Case
Medical doctor John R. Diggs's Affidavit in favor of parents; Outlines 'significant medical and health risks' associated with what was taught to students at Fistgate
August 2000

'Parents' No Longer Recognized By Schools
Daycare centers are closely monitored
August 2000

Students Given Graphic Instruction In Homosexual Sex
Reprint of a story which broke the Fistgate scandal in the May issue
August 2000

Fistgate Scandal In A Nutshell

Fistgate Revisted
Fistgate Conference WORKSHOPS, March 25, 2000
August 2000

The Fistgate Report
Gay activists describe 'fisting' at school-sponsored even to children as young as 12-years-old
May 2000

"Fisting [forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap....[It’s] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with...[and] to put you into an exploratory mode."

The above quotation comes from Massachusetts Department of Education employees describing the pleasures of homosexual sex to a group of high school students at a state-sponsored annual workshop on March 25, 2000.